Upright Bass String Lifter Tool (for Fitting Bass Bridges)

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The Bass String Lifter is a very practical tool for exchanging, adjusting and fitting bridges.

Designed to lift the tensioned strings off of the installed bridge, allowing work to be done without risk of dropping the soundpost. The string lifter simulataneously marks the exact position of the new bridge, and the top piece is serrated to match any string configuration. It is made of sturdy, alloyed aluminum with cork-lined legs. The top-piece of the bass model is guided along two hardened steel rods to guarantee precise function and high resistance to wear.

Now, does a regular Joe need one of these to do their own bridge? Not really; a purchase of a tool like this is far easier to justify if you're a luthier/repairperson who does lots of bridge work. But we make it available to professionals and amateurs alike.

For those amateurs: Installing a bridge isn't brain surgery, but does require careful planning and execution, which my instructions outline. Do you already have an adjustable or regular bridge that needs to be installed, or do you want to get an idea of the process?? Let me know and I'll send you the instructions via email, no obligation.

This is a SPECIAL ORDER ITEM - we don't always guarantee that tools like this are in stock, because they are not a high-volume item. But we make it available for those who need to get them. If you order one, expect a 1-4 day delay for shipment, as we will need to get it from our (nearby) distributor before shipment.

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