H-Clamp Light Upright Bass and Cello Microphone Mounts

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  • H-Clamp Light Upright Bass and Cello Microphone Mounts, installed on bass
  • H-Clamp Light Upright Bass and Cello Microphone Mounts, installed on bass 2
  • H-Clamp Light Upright Bass and Cello Microphone Mounts, h-clamp
  • H-Clamp Light Upright Bass and Cello Microphone Mounts, h-clamp with bones shafts
  • H-Clamp Light Upright Bass and Cello Microphone Mounts, h-clamp 2
  • H-Clamp Light Upright Bass and Cello Microphone Mounts, h-clamp diagram
  • H-Clamp Light Upright Bass and Cello Microphone Mounts, h-clamp closeup
  • H-Clamp Light Upright Bass and Cello Microphone Mounts, h-clamp closeup 2
  • H-Clamp Light Upright Bass and Cello Microphone Mounts, shaft
  • H-Clamp Light Upright Bass and Cello Microphone Mounts, brian may endorsement
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It obviously depends on the music and the venue -- but nothing sounds more natural, when amplifying or recording your bass, than a microphone. Upright Bass pickups were, essentially, a compromise - developed for situations when a microphone wasn't practical due to feedback and bleed-through issues.

When you are able to use a microphone, it can arguably deliver the most "real" of all amplified sounds. I'll repeat, though -- it's not always practical. While I use a mic whenever I can, I will always have a pickup as a "Plan B," or to mix in with my microphone signal (to firm it up or otherwise enhance the sound.)

The next challenge has always been where to put that mic. If you've ever put one on a stand in front of the bass, you know the frustration of trying to stay exactly in one place; moving your bass around can cause drastic unwanted changes to tone and volume (and feedback!). And who can -- or wants to -- stay completely still when playing the bass!?!

The H-Clamp is a very sophisticated adjustable instrument microphone mounting device, with models available for Upright Bass, Cello, and Guitar, all of which may be suitable for other, similarly sized acoustic instruments (review size specifications here or elsewhere on the site to compare to your instrument).

This clever, well-made unit solves the problem, using a clamp that echoes the design of the traditional luthier's edge clamp (cramp). This anchors the microphone firmly in place using the edge of the instrument as the contact point, to avoid damping the instrument's natural vibrations. You can use just about any mic (while lighter is better, the manual offers suggestions for safely using larger/heavier mics) be it large or small diaphragm, condenser or dynamic -- the H-Clamp is compatible with any standard mic clip or suspension mount. The maneuverability of both the clamp and arm allows virtually any preferred placement, as well as the ability to locate it so as not to interfere with the player's motions.

The "space age" construction materials result in an extremely light yet secure mount. The "Spirit" model features construction of aerospace grade aluminum. The disk material on the lighter-weight "Black" models is a special lightweight aerospace polymer, a high tech material developed to be machined instead of moulded, and it's as strong as aluminium but lighter and essentially inert acoustically. The shaft, boom and screws are all aerospace grade aluminium. Silicone and other material inserts and sleeves are used for all the contact points to avoid damage to your instrument, and, presumably, to minimize vibration.

Placement of the H-Clamp is up to the user. Note the differences between where the clamp is placed in the photo above (on Mark's bass) and from the photo at left. There's no reason that the clamp cannot be placed on the other side of the bass, from down below, or on the upper bout, if that is what works for you!

Please note that the photo of Mark's bass effectively illustrates the clamp, but aiming the mic directly at the f-hole or front of the bass is not recommended.

A very thorough User Manual is included. It offers instrument-specific, detailed recommendations as well as general information.

H-Clamp BLACK Multi 'Pro Studio' Mic Holder (includes four shafts) - This is the "DELUXE" unit, which includes FOUR different sized shafts, which -- by mixing and matching -- allow you incredibly flexible width of space between the clamps. Various combinations of the shafts allow you to use this model for almost any mic-able instrument: Regular Sized Upright Basses, OVERsized Upright Basses, Cellos, Standard-depth, "Baby" and Oversized Acoustic Guitars, Mandolins, Ukuleles, Small Combo Amps, and just about everything else in-between.

This top-of-the-line model features the ultra-lightweight composite disc components, and it is fully anodized in a matte black finish for a subtle appearance. This special product (the "Pro Studio" designation is ours, not ExplorAudio's) is perfect for a musician with a home studio, or for the gig-bag of a live soundman for mic-ing just about anyone on the stage.

The LiveMount Standard Muti-instrument H-clamp model has a seamless adjustment range of 43mm to 278mm. This model therefore covers all the applications for which the H-clamp was designed.


Optional Short Boom

The optional add-on short boom is exactly that - it's a shorter mic boom part, about half the length of the standard boom. It will allow for close mic-ing with a little bit of a tidier setup; while the standard boom is adjustable for length and can be set very close, the other end of the boom might "stick out" and get in the way depending on your mic setup. The shorter boom can be substituted for the standard one to reduce the amount of leftover boom that might be an obstruction.


Product Manuals

Need to figure out some of the more in-depth features of this product? Here's a copy of the manual, in PDF format, here.

You may wish to visit the manufacturer's website to see if a more recent version is available.



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8 Reviews

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    Product had too few mounting options and was ultimately useless for what I purchased.

    Posted by John Tate on Apr 2nd 2024

    I wanted this mount to work very badly. It has too many pitfalls and too few mounting options. I could not get the mic into a position or get it a far enough distance away from my bass that wouldn’t cause the mic to clip. It completely ruins the mix. I’ve gone back to using a bass drum mic stand … not ideal since I gotta remember not to move the bass much. The schoeps is an awesome mic but the DPA crushes it when it comes to mounting convenience. GEAR BEING USED: - 1933, 7/8 size master- art Juzek - Felix 2 (Grace Design) - Schoeps CMC6 w/ MK 41 Supercardioid capsule -Realist

  • 5

    Lets you get the real sound of your instrument

    Posted by Ralph Sherman on Aug 21st 2021

    It's expensive...but look at the price of pickups or specialized bass mics! With the H-clamp, I'm using an ordinary Shure SM57. I can position and point the mic exactly where I want it for the best sound.

  • 5

    Excellent product!

    Posted by Peter on Jan 16th 2021

    I just received my H-Clamp. Very high quality and with the range of parts supplied it will fit any instrument including all I own. Now that I have this, I honestly don’t know why anyone would bother with a piezo pickup! Also, I want to say that I appreciate the family touch - signed note etc. Well done! You guys are great and I will buy from you again!

  • 5

    H-Clamp I needed you!

    Posted by Andyman on Oct 20th 2020

    I accompany my vocalist wife on acoustic bass as a duo, and for years have been unhappy with how the bass sounds live through the piezo pickups - the amplified live sound of my basses never complemented my wife's voice well enough. That's in the past now, at last. With this H-clamp and a Shure sm57, my bass sounds like its warm and natural self and does a much better job supporting my wife's singing on stage. Thank you, Gollihur Music, for the professional and immediate shipping. For a good set up I found this short video:

  • 5

    Super high quality

    Posted by Mike K on Oct 3rd 2013

    Immediate shipping, super high quality item (H-Clamp) that I absolutely haven't encountered anywhere else. I had no idea my pre-war Kay could sound so good. Thank you. Pleasure dealing with you guys

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