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Endpin Reaming Tool

         Manufactured by: Trusted Gollihur Music Partner

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This is a specialized luthier tool, specifically made for installing endpins into the endblock of an upright bass. If you've been shopping around for one of these, you'll find that an upright bass endpin reaming tool can actually cost upwards of $500. (I guess it's you who gets reamed?)

In any case, this is a very sharp, very specialized tool, made of highest-quality steel, and featuring a 1:17 taper. It's very nicely made, and should serve you well for many years and many endpins.


This is a SPECIAL ORDER ITEM - we generally don't stock tools like this, because they are not a high-volume item. But we make it available for those who need to get them. If you order one, expect a 1-4 day delay for shipment, as we will need to get it from our (nearby) distributor before shipment.

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