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The Gollihur Music Blog

Being a Resource, First.

Way back in the 1990s, Gollihur Music got its start because Bob (my Dad) was hosting a website.

It was a simple site, where he posted a bunch of links to upright bass-related things he'd found online, and he thought it might be nice to share those links with others who might benefit from them. Why? It was just something he did, simply because he had the wherewithal back in those early days of the Internet to figure out how to code and host a site. He wasn't looking to monetize the information - he was just providing the links he'd found, in the spirit of sharing them so that other bassists could benefit.

Somewhere along the line, around 1997, he decided that he needed some pickups for his upright. Not finding the K&K Sound pickups he was seeking at convenient retail channels, he petitioned K&K to let him offer their pickups on his site. This also, not insignificantly, gave him the ability to get them for himself. They took a chance on him, and Gollihur Music (then called "Wordsmith Associates Music," a branch-off of his freelance writing work) was born.

Yes - we're a music store. We do have to sell products to keep the lights on, and pay our mortgages, just like any other retailer. But Bob always did - and now that he's retired, I continue to - insist that we remain true to our legacy of being a FREE source of information and help to bassists, whether they are paying customers or not.

To that end, I'm trying to update some of our resources with more current information, and I welcome your help - particularly, we have a Directory of Luthiers (Bass Repairpersons), as well as a Teacher Directory, both of which could use some new blood. If you are so inclined, take a quick gander of those lists - and if you know, or you are, a luthier or teacher who should be included on those lists, please let me know! Be sure to include as much helpful information as you can - and know that there is no charge, and no obligation, for having a listing on our site. Also let me know if you find an outdated listing, for someone who is no longer teaching/working.

It's a big, happy circle; we appreciate your help in keeping our site up to date - and the teachers/luthiers who are listed will appreciate that we'll be referring business to them. And finally, people who need those services, but didn't know someone was in their region, will appreciate that we (as in "you and me") helped them to find a local teacher or luthier. Win/win/win.

And of course, we still host our other resources - we have FREE Classified Ads for your basses and bows for sale, the original Links Pages, Product Manuals and Manufacturer Warranties, and our Buyer's Guides.

I sincerely hope that our site, or a phone call or email to us through the years, has provided you with help, insight, or inspiration along the way. And I always welcome suggestions, corrections, differing points of view, and feedback for our FAQ Pages, Product Descriptions, and anything else that could use an update. We're here for you - and we're grateful that you've been there for us, for over 20 years now.

Planting the Seeds...

I hope you'll grant me a little leeway here; I'm a proud dad. A few weeks ago, my 6-year old daughter made her stage debut as "Nala" in a kids' version of "The Lion King;" it was the culmination of a three-week "theater camp" that she attended, and she had a wonderful time (and she killed it). She's already looking forward to next year, and so am I.

I was exceedingly fortunate to have musical parents. My mother was a school music teacher and a theater/choir director, and my dad -- as if you didn't know -- has been a performing musician since before I was born. There was always music in the house, and was always support for musical endeavors when I was growing up. With the declining status of music programs in many of our public schools nationwide (a misguided effort, and one that would require far more space than I have here to debate) it's even more important that we support our kids outside the school system with encouragement and opportunity.

Now, my kid will be fine, even though her elementary school scaled back her music teacher position to part-time this year. Between me, her mom (a Broadway stage alum) and Grandpa Bob -- never mind all the other family members and friends who surround her with the arts -- she'll have plenty of support and inspiration.

And I think that most other kids will be fine, too... the theater camp sold out early, and had three groups filled with talented, eager kids putting on impressive shows for pretty full houses. Hopefully there's this much homegrown support for performing arts where you live, too. And we'll keep working to re-establish to our local school boards and state legislators just how important they are to our childrens' development and abilities. A program from NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants - we're a longtime member) can help - click the icon to the left to see how you can become an advocate to help assure that music education is supported in communities everywhere, so that all children have the opportunity to learn and grow with music.

In the meantime, music will always find a way!

-- Mark

Our 20th Year!

So here we are on the other side of a new year. There's lots of uncertainty in the political climate in the US right now, and many things are changing. But one thing that always remains consistent is that man, we love what we do here! Playing bass is cool, and so are bass players. We get to talk to them every day, and send them cool stuff. Who could complain?

And we've been at it a long time - did you know that this year marks our 20th anniversary of selling double bass stuff on the web? Way back in 1997 (seems like forever ago), Bob started selling K&K Pickups at "musician-to-musician" discounts on his small, one-page website. In short order, he was adding other useful items, some strings, a few parts, even some amps - he even helped K&K develop one of their most popular products (the Bass Master Rockabilly System). I joined up in the early 2000's, and we rebranded as Gollihur Music soon after that. Flash-forward about a decade, and after a slow phasing-out process, Bob retired in early 2014 (yes, he's doing great!) and I have been running the show since then.

I'm proud that Gollihur Music is your go-to shop for all things upright bass, and I truly appreciate your continued loyalty. As such, my door is always open - if you have questions, concerns, suggestions, product requests, criticisms, or otherwise, please don't hesitate to let me know. We want to be "your bass shop" - the one you have to tell everyone about when you find out they play bass - for years to come.

Great new gear coming soon!

'Tis the season! The NAMM show takes place in early January, and manufacturers come out with awesome new gear. I'm taking a pass on the show this year, but we're already starting to get some new gear (and we'll have a few key new items in February) that are sure to get your GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) flowing!

Check out the new BiX preamp from Grace Design, a small-format life preamp for acoustic pickups. Or the brand new Genzler 350/10 combo - an amp that sounds amazing for both electric and upright basses. Or the newly redesigned EA Doubler-2, which features upgraded power and specs, and an updated chassis - we have it IN STOCK for immediate shipment!

We're looking forward to bringing you a bunch more cool stuff, keep an eye on our "New Products" list for updates!

Sometimes the 'Best' Deal... Isn't.

Just like everyone, I like paying less. In fact, I've talked about it quite a bit in our newsletters over the years - hunting bargains is a bit of a hobby of mine. Of course, my wife says I'm destined to "go broke, saving money," but I digress...

Product counterfeiting is a real thing. D'Addario was openly highlighting their issues with it back in 2010, with this blog post (which specifically talks about illegal copies of their guitar strings.) And one of our competitors recently sent out a blast email saying that they have evidence that there are "fakes" of Thomastik and Pirastro double bass strings coming into the US Market from Asia. Other products can be counterfeited, too - there was a big kerfuffle a little over a decade ago with fake Oktava mics hitting the American market (and sold, unknowingly, through big music stores, too!)

Gollihur Music has close to a 20-year working relationship with both Pirastro and the one authorized Thomastik US Distributor, and I can tell you that I've confirmed that there are some people selling strings who are "getting around" the system. All that I'm suggesting is that you ask that the store you buy from is sourcing their strings (and other items) directly from the authorized source(s). You can rest assured, Gollihur Music always does - we have always provided *genuine* goods at a fair price. And as for strings, we always offer free shipping, to all 50 states (on sets AND single strings)! ...as well as offering "extras" like added tip sheets, instructions and bonus items.

-- Mark

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