Dominant Upright Bass Strings

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  • Dominant Upright Bass Strings by Thomastik
  • Dominant Upright Bass Strings by Thomastik, gauge chart
  • Dominant Upright Bass Strings by Thomastik, tonal color chart
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Dominants are a long-time favorite of a lot of players due to their gut string-like character with more stable intonation, and less susceptibility to changes due to temperature and humidity.

They have a highly flexible, multi-strand Perlon (like nylon) center core, with a very smooth steel flat-wound outer winding. They are comfortable under the hands, and very smooth for excellent bowability.

Includes our exclusive Gollihur Music tipsheet to get the most out of your purchaseFor pizz, they are pretty responsive for a stranded perlon core, with a nice "thump" and a lower level of sustain.

They are quite desirable for bowing, with a warm, full-bodied timbre. They work well for traditional music, as they are good for emulating a bit more of an "old school" vibe of gut strings, with their traditionally shorter sustain characteristic.

The standard orchestral gauge strings have a medium tension, and Dominant strings are also available in a Solo gauge (on a separate page), for solo repertoire (or down-tuning to standard pitch to approximate a "light" gauge.) We sell the strings in full sets as well as in single (individual) strings for your convenience. See the drop down menus above for pricing.

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