Upright Bass String Cleaner

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For years, customers have inquired about a string cleaner to go along with the wood polish/cleaners and bow hair cleaners and rosin removers we offer. I noticed this option from Petz, who also provide us with some of the above-mentioned products, so here it is.

This is an alcohol-based cleaning solution for removing gunk, rosin build-up, and other contaminants from your strings.

It is most appropriate for steel strings, but should also be fine on nylon-based or other synthetic strings. NOT for use on gut strings, especially plain gut! It will potentially damage/dry out the natural gut material of those strings. For gut maintenance, check out our gut string oiling kit.

Simple use; wipe on, wipe off, Daniel-san. Avoid contact with the varnish/finish of your instrument.

Also great for the rest of the string family, so share with your violinist friends.

  • 50 ml-bottle (1.7 fl oz)

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