Economy Rubber Endpin Point Covers (Caps) for Upright Bass

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  • Economy Rubber Endpin Point Covers (Caps) for Upright Bass, three sizes
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We often get asked for replacement rubber endpin covers for our endpins. For many, the very nice Super Endpin Ball has been a good option - as long as your endpin is 10mm or smaller.

But for a long time, we haven't had a good option for Kay and Engelhardt basses (with their unusual 1/2" endpin.). So we've sent folks to our FAQ on the subject, which has a multi-piece solution of items you can get at your local hardware store. That solution has worked for Bob for many years on his old Kay, and it still works quite well.

All of that said, I happened upon a very good new option for endpin covers for both 10mm and 1/2" endpins - so, at long last, I have a replacement for the Engelhardt or Kay bass in your life! And it's of considerably better quality than the stock/original cap, too.

Improvements over stock Engelhardt Cover

  • For one, the rubber cover has a washer embedded into the bottom of the cup; this will support the endpin point, and prevent it from poking through the bottom -- a common reason folks end up having to replace the cover to begin with. (Note that most Engelhardt or Kay endpins can be pulled out and re-inserted point in, making for a non-pointed end to put the cap onto, further protecting you from destroying the endpin cap.)
  • It also has a non-slip "foot" pattern, which grips smooth floors better.
  • The rubber is slightly "softer" and "tackier" than the stock Engelhardt foot.
  • The shape is a little easier to grab, for taking it on and off the endpin.

Which Size do you need?

  • For a stock Engelhardt or Kay endpin, get the 1/2" size.
  • We also have the same cover in a 10mm size; this cover fits our most recent Carbon Fiber endpins, which have a 10mm threaded steel point grafted onto the end of their 14mm shafts. (Note: the cap is not threaded, but slips on over the threads.)

  • For the steel endpins we sell, both have a threaded 8mm point - the small 8mm cover works on both of them.

All three of the sizes are friction-fit (no threads) and feature the washer in the bottom of the cup to resist the endpin point wearing through from the inside. If it fits loosely on your endpin, I suggest a wrap or two of plastic tape to provide a snug fit, as this will prolong the life of the rubber foot.

If you want something a bit more robust, with a larger "gripping surface" for more confident movement, check out the "Endpin Ball" we also sell.


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2 Reviews

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    Protect floors and keep your upright bass from moving around

    Posted by joe ellis on Jan 26th 2021

    Protects floors from sharp endpins and keeps the bass from sliding around when you're playing. This one hasn't fallen off my endpin and it has worked great for me. It's important having the option of multiple sizes-- Make sure you order the right size for your endpin!

  • 5
    Rubber endpin things

    Posted by Dan on Jul 20th 2020

    As far as rubber endpin things go, these are top notch. Unlike other rubber endpin things, these rubber endpin things are rubber endpin things with a metal washer inside the rubber endpin thing, making these rubber endpin things more than merely rubber endpin things. Indeed, these rubber endpin things are actually rubber endpin things with METAL. For real though, They have solid grip and now I don’t have to use an endpin or a Nike Cortez to keep my bass in place. 5 stars

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