Fitting the K&M Stand Into its Bag

Fitting the K&M 141 stand into the K&M 10811 case

Yes, it's a tight fit to put the stand into the bag - but there's a secret! Here it is, in a nutshell: Don't retract the top tube all the way down into the bottom tube. Look at the graphic below:

As you can see, the arms can fold a bit tighter to the pole when you don't fold it all the way down, allowing just enough room to close and zip the bag. I also recommend turning the stand on its side in the bag before zipping, which will provide an easier zip closure.

This is the way to get the stand to fit into the bag. Note that if you are using the optional bow hook, you may have to pop it out to put the stand into the bag. The zipper should smooth out, and the bag should break in, with use - just be careful when it's new, and it should work out great!