KAY (and Engelhardt) BASSES: Models Over the Years...

This is a list of model numbers somebody gave us. We cannot fully vouch for their accuracy (Bob owned a blonde TV-21 once), and Kay did some odd things over their history, but it's the only resource we've found:
  • C-1, aka Concert - Concert, rosewood fingerboard and tailpiece, purfling top and back, shaded or blond finish (Engelhardt: EC-1 had ebonized maple, and later, Jatoba fingerboard; EC-1B for Blonde)
  • H-10 - 1/4 size school model, 61" length, later replaced by M-2 or M-3
  • M-1, aka Maestro - ebony fingerboard and tailpiece, shaded finish, blonde finish optional (M-1B). Later Maestro "School Model", ebonized rosewood fingerboard and tailpiece, shaded (Engelhardt: EM-1 had rosewood, and later, Jatoba fingerboard; EM-1B for Blonde)
  • M-1B - later Maestro, blondclark-kay.jpg
  • M-2 - 1/2 size late M-1, rosewood fingerboard and tailpiece, violin brown finish
  • M-3 - 1/4 size late M-1 (Engelhardt: EM-3)
  • M-4 - M1 with blond finish
  • M-5 - 5-string, rosewood fingerboard and tailpiece, side dots, shaded
  • M-5B - same as M-5, blond
  • M-7 Selmer Kay - purfling top&back, bound f-holes, ebony fingerboard and tailpiece, gold-plated tuner plates engraved "Selmer"
  • Orchestra - ebonized fingerboard and tailpiece, shaded or blond
  • S-1 - Slap, thin body, Orchestra spec - designation later re-purposed for the "Supreme" model previously called the S-8
  • S-2 - 1/2 size late S-1, ebony fingerboard and tailpiece, golden brown finish
  • S-3 - thin body, Concert specs; later 1/4 size late S-1
  • S-4 - thin body, Maestro specs
  • S-5 - Swingmaster dance band model, ebony fb, purfling top&back, bound f-holes, blond, full depth body optional
  • S-6 - same as S-5, shaded finish
  • S-8, aka Supreme - purfling top, back, and f-holes, ebony fingerboard and tailpiece, shaded; later renamed S-1 (Engelhardt: ES-1)
  • S-9, aka Swingmaster - inlaid purfling, ebony fingerboard and tailpiece, blond (Engelhardt: ES-9)
  • S-10 - Swingmaster Mighty Midget, 1/3 smaller than S-9
  • S-51 - Chubby Jackson model, 5-strings, bound top, back, and f-holes, ebony fingerboard and tailpiece, side position dots, shaded finish
  • S-51B - same as S-51, blond
  • TV1 - burnished gold finish
  • TV21 - two-tone copper and white finish

    Additional Engelhardt-specific information:
  • Concert (EC-1) models had gamba corners, Maestro (EM-1) models had violin corners. Once "ebonized" and rosewood fingerboards were discontinued in favor of Jatoba for both, this became the key distinguishing factor between the two models.
  • EG-1 models were gamba versions of the ES-1; likewise, EG-9 models were the gamba version of the Swingmaster ES-9.

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