Removing the String Mount Bracket on K&K Pickups

If you're using the Realist Docking Station with a K&K Pickup, chances are that the output jack of your pickup uses the "string mount" bracket, which is too large to fit into the Docking Station. That's okay! The bracket is easy to remove!

Just follow these easy step-by-step directions to remove the bracket. Preferred tools required for the job are a pair of pliers and an adjustable wrench.

  1. Use the pliers to unscrew the outer ring from the jack. (figure A)Under the outer ring is a regular nut. Use the adjustable wrench (or a box wrench) to remove this nut. (figure B)
    • Using a cloth to protect the ring from getting marked up by the teeth on the pliers is recommended.
    • Note that K&K applies "ThreadLok" to the threads. It may take some extra "elbow grease" to break the seal; once you do, it's easy going to get it the rest of the way off.
    • Hold the jack firmly by the metal portion of the jack, not the bracket or the plastic wrap (the black outer wrap may slip; it's just shrink-tubing and is not glued on).
  2. Once removed, the bracket portion simply comes off.
  3. Reinstall the nut and outer ring, and you're done! (figure C)

As you can see, it's simple to modify the jack to accommodate the Docking Station - and it's also easy to reinstall the bracket if you need to - simply reverse the steps.

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