Super Endpin ball attachment for Upright Bass (tip, cover)

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This is a very cool idea -- wish I'd thought of it!

This little device is the cure to dreaded "spouse comments about holes in carpet" as well as dirty looks when you spike your bass into somebody's wooden floor. It also will help avoid having your endpin skid across smooth surfaces.

This semi-hard solid rubber ball may outlast either of us! It is made so your endpin goes up to one inch into the ball, depending on the sharpness of the tip. It is designed to handle the tip or blunt end. It's simple -- you dial the small screws to size it to your endpin, and then use the larger knob to tighten it.


The sleeve is just large enough for the popular 10mm endpin shaft size, and can be easily dialed down to the 8mm size, or other sizes smaller than 10mm. For the metric-impaired, 10mm is .39 inches (25/64th), a bit larger than 3/8", so the endpin ball will fit a 3/8" endpin as well. It won't fit a 12mm endpin, or a 14mm endpin, etc. Nothing bigger than 10mm (smaller is fine, though.)

We do not accept returns on the endpin ball for refund - we will only offer a store credit, and you'll need to acknowledge that before you can add it to your cart - so please measure BEFORE you order one.

What/how do you measure to make sure it fits your bass?

The endpin ball will fit an maximum endpin diameter of 10mm, which is around 3/8". If the end section of your endpin is larger than 10mm or 3/8", do not buy the endpin ball, it will not work with your endpin. Size matters!

example of a caliper for measuringThe best tool for measuring is a caliper (see photo at right), which is a simple tool with jaws that open and close and tell you the distance between them. Basic ones can be purchased very cheaply at Harbor Freight and other hardware stores.

Open ended box wrench exampleDon't have a caliper, and need an easy way to determine if your endpin diameter is too large? Here's what you do: grab a 10mm open-ended box wrench (see photo at right) out of your toolbox (the size is stamped on the side of the wrench). If the wrench can straddle the post where the ball would go (even if it's touching) then congratulations, the endpin ball should fit your endpin!

See the last product photo above for a visual description of the endpin ball's dimensions, to ensure fitment. Also note that if your endpin has a "collar" near the point, you should also check the details in that photo to make sure that it won't interfere.

To save you some time, this will definitely not fit the stock (bare steel) Kay or Engelhardt endpin, which is 1/2".

While this endpin ball is robust and durable and should last years if not abused... nothing is permanent, and, depending on use, it will eventually need to be replaced if significantly worn. We've asked, and the manufacturer does not supply replacement components (like the rubber portion) so if you wear yours down, you'll need to purchase a new complete endpin ball (or maybe get creative with a large superball and a drill).

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9 Reviews

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    Posted by Jimmy on Jan 28th 2021

    Wish i’d known about this years ago

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    Super endpin ball

    Posted by Joshua Dowdy on Jan 26th 2021

    The universal collar fits a variety of end pins. The set screws have a tendency to back out (use of threadlock recommended!) The ball wore through in less than a year.

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    Great product!

    Posted by Brice on Dec 6th 2020

    I don't expect perfect fit from a one size fits all, but because of the nature of the piece I would have liked for the collar to have been a bit longer.

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    Wow, so right

    Posted by Fred Aron on Oct 14th 2020

    First, my bass has an odd sized end pin, so I knew when I ordered it that I would need to alter it. Using a Dremel press and a stone bit I removed about 1 mm from the internal diameter. Now it fits perfect and no more punching through rubber ends.

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