Lightweight Travel Hard-side CASE for 3/4 size Upright Bass

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I've often been asked about hard cases for bass. While they're not exactly practical for most "in-town" gigging, if you're on a tour bus, traveling with a band -- or someone else is packing the van -- this sort of case might be a sensible, affordable way to better protect your investment. Some orchestral players with particularly valuable instruments may also be interested in the extra protection that a case like this can afford over a padded bag, without being a full ATA-style case (with all the weight and costs that those bring).

This case is designed to be both protective and lightweight. Weighing in at only 31 lbs, it doesn't make moving the bass entirely impossible -- and the fact that it has wheels on the bottom corner certainly helps with that.

This case is made up of a solid, wood shell frame; the interior is lined with cushy padding, which is covered in black fabric to prevent scratches. The exterior of the case is covered in a durable, tear-resistant fabric, similar to what you find on our soft cases. A heavy zipper closes the case, and a second security flap covers the zipper ends to prevent damage/accidental opening. Plenty of handles, and an unassuming black finish make the exterior useful and attractive.

Designed for most 3/4 size basses with fairly common dimensions.

Weight: 31 lbs

Interior Dimensions

  • Upper Bout Width: 21"
  • Lower Bout Width: 26"
  • Top of Scroll to Endpin: 73"
  • Heel of Neck to Endpin: 44"

Exterior Dimensions

  • Length: 80"
  • Width (widest point): 29.5"
  • Depth (widest point): 18.5"

When putting your bass into this case, it will likely be necessary to put the pegbox into the slot first, then drop the body down into the molded section of the case. Since the case is designed to be snug, the angled neck of your bass may not "clear" the top of the neck slot once the body is already in the form-fitted section of the case.

This is normal and expected, and particularly common when your bass is a Kay or Engelhardt.
The straight dope, from Mark:

Is this a case for flying with? As an affordable solution for 1 or 2 trips, perhaps. The way that baggage gets handled in airports, though, makes me skeptical that the case would be good for much after a couple of trips. The wheels will likely get sheared off by their equipment, and I don't expect them to be particularly careful putting it on and off the conveyors. I'm sure that you've seen those videos on YouTube of guitars inside ATA-rated cases getting broken, so it's a gamble no matter what case it's in.

For what it's worth, the case is made of a luan (light plywood) frame, and the bulk of the case's body is made of the type of impact-resistant styro that they use to make bicycle helmets. The idea is that the case takes the impact rather than the bass (like the helmet does for your head) -- but once it's taken a good shot, it might not be safe or practical to continue using it. But at least you didn't crack your skull (or your bass top).

It it a more convenient (and likely cheaper) option vs. having a custom crate made for air travel, though? Well, that's up to you to decide. 

My opinion is that this is a good "touring" case, for traveling by ground (train, car, tour bus, truck) but I don't suggest it for many trips by air. 

* Due to its oversized nature, this case ships by freight, so we can only ship this case to the continental USA -- sorry! Some shipment destinations may incur additional surcharges for particularly rural or city-center addresses, due to the added difficulty or distance involved. If you place an order for one, and a surcharge is required, we will contact you for approval of the shipping costs before we collect your payment.


I'll repeat it - this is an important disclaimer for use of this case:

This substantial case is designed to protect your instrument from damage or breakage when traveling and/or shipping. However, neither we, nor the manfuacturer of the case, can guarantee that your bass cannot be damaged during use, even if used properly.

In cases of extreme mishandling, the case is also "self-sacrificial." What does that mean? Like a bike helmet, the solid foam protective layers may crack or break from an unusually excessive impact, as a means to protect the instrument from that impact. Once this happens, the case's ability to continue being used effectively may be compromised.

Varying levels of fragility, or existing weaknesses, in particular instruments can play a role in how well they travel. Additionally, very rough handling can be devastating to musical instruments, even when in extremely durable cases. Please ALWAYS consider insuring the instrument when traveling, even when using a case like this one.

It is also important to use this case as designed for maximum protection; the case is designed to hold the bass ONLY - do NOT pack it into a padded gig bag and then into the case, as this will preclude you from using the internal protective bolsters, neck support, and other features that help secure the instrument inside the case and insulate it from external shocks.


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1 Review

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    Great product.

    Posted by Jason Uhlmann on Aug 5th 2023

    Only complaint is no shipping notification. Quality case, just what I needed.

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