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Bass Bomb - Feedback Fighting Resonance Reducer

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  • Bass Bomb - Feedback Fighting Resonance Reducer
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An old-school method for reducing feedback when amplifying an upright bass? Wedging a NerfTM mini football between the tailpiece and body. It can often help, because it dampers the body vibrations, reducing the likelihood that the amplified sound will re-excite the vibrant top of your instrument. Now, it won't stop a constant howl, but that creeping feedback when you take your hands off the strings during a rest? It has been known to provide some relief.

While a toy football can work, we've approached the problem with a scientific eye. We've synthesized (in Gollihur Labs, a subsidiary of Gollihur Music) a revolutionary polymer compound, with the ideal combination of torsional resistance, vibro-acoustical absorption, material density, and and elasticity to create the very best potential for reducing the sonic elements that lead to creeping feedback. Our "Bass Bomb" takes that exclusive proprietary blend and forms it into the universe's perfect shape - the sphere. We carefully measured and tested prototypes on hundreds of basses to arrive at the most effective size; exactly 2.735 inches in diameter is the "sweet spot," and we found it.

Okay, that last paragraph was completely made up techno-babble and we all know it.

What it REALLY is, is a low-profile alternative to a brightly-colored mini-football; one with a cool, bass-specific name printed on it. It won't be so easily seen from the audience, if at all, especially compared to a bright orange or blue toy sponge-ball that you could buy at the local discount superstore.

Of course, since feedback is a complex beast to slay, we can't guarantee that it will eliminate - or even substantially affect - the issues you may be having. But in my experience, it's usually the combination of many small, incremental things that add up to success. Unfortunately, beating feedback is a cross we all bear, playing a huge, highly responsive acoustic instrument, and there's just no silver bullets to be found. (But if you find one, please let me know!)

Nice side benefit: the Bass Bomb, which is nicely firm and "squishy" (that's a technical term) also doubles as a nice grip exerciser for warming up your hands (see me ham-fisting the Bass Bomb in the photo below). You could also throw it at the rude couple at the bar that won't stop talking loudly during your set. Bombs away!

If we're being honest (and we always are, even if sometimes we get a little silly) this is basically a funm cheap toy that could just be helpful in your quest to reduce feedback, but we can make no promises. If you need more help with reducing feedback issues, drop us a line - we can email you with a whole list of specific, helpful tips, no purchase or obligation required.

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1 Review

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    Da Bomb!

    Posted by Kevin Roy on Mar 9th 2022

    This is a cool little gadget that does help reduce overtones and if I ever get bored while waiting for the guitarist to tune I can play catch with the drummer!

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