Raven Carbon Fiber Bass Bow

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The Revelle Raven Bass Bows are an excellent option for advancing students and developing players who have outgrown their student grade bow and wish to move on to a carbon fiber option. These bows play really well, with excellent balance, and are haired with "Coruss" synthetic hair. I've not generally been an advocate of "the fake stuff" over the years, but the folks at Coruss (in France) who created this relatively new option have really nailed it. Ethically sourced, strong, reliable - it will not decay and is not affected by changes in humidity, enabling you to achieve consistent sound quality.

This bow has a lively, well-balanced feel and responds really well in the hand. It has a solid black carbon fiber stick, and it will not warp or lose camber.

Includes our exclusive Gollihur Music tipsheet to get the most out of your purchaseThe French Bow has a fully-lined frog, and the German bow has a half-lined frog (as is the convention on nice bows). The plate on the tip is made of metal for durability.

I weighed a representative pair of these bows, and the French bow came in at 134g, while the German was (as expected) a few grams heavier at 142g. I expect the weights to be very consistent, as these are carbon fiber bows, and therefore the material is of a consistent mass and the shape is not hand-carved, but rather molded.

This bow is a wonderful choice for a student who'd graduating from a cheapie bow that's holding them back - this will be a marked improvement in playability and tone, while still being durable enough for a typical teenager.

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