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Instrument Cable: 1/4 inch ends (1 right angle)

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  • CBI Instrument Cable: 1/4 inch ends (1 right angle)
  • CBI Instrument Cable: 1/4 inch ends (1 right angle), connectors
  • Yorkville Instrument Cable: 1/4 inch ends (1 right angle)
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Features one straight, and one 90 degree ¼ inch connector.

We offer cables form CBI and Yorkville Sound; both are excellent quality cables made with quality wiring and connectors. Both are manufactured in North America.

All cables are black in color, properly shielded to reduce interference, and feature a right-angle jack on one end; this is ideal for either plugging the angled plug into a string-mounted mono jack (like the Bass Max alone) to your amp or preamp, or into a preamp output, to connect to your amplifier. By having a right-angle turn, the cable doesn't "jut out" in front of your bass, causing a hazard to your bass from people walking by.

Commonly called an "instrument cable" - or, even a (cough) "guitar cable."

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Warranty Information

Standard cables are guaranteed for a period of 10 years against defects in material and workmanship. Warranty items may be returned prepaid to the factory without prior authorization. Proof of purchase must be enclosed with a description of the problem.
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