Instrument Cable: 1 Foot cable with dual right angle ¼ (mono or TRS/stereo)

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We stock this high-quality, 12 Inch INSTRUMENT CABLE with two 90 degree ¼ inch connectors specially for players who want to mount their preamp on their bass.

The 12 Inch INSTRUMENT CABLE with two 90 degree ¼ inch mono connectors is for a single pickup systems, like the Bass Max and Double Big Twin pickups. Excellent quality cable with heavy duty connectors.

The cable with two 90 degree ¼ inch TRS (stereo, 3 conductor) connectors is for two channel preamp systems, such the Bass Master Pro, Rockabilly, and Golden Trinity systems, this cable can be used to connect the pickups to the preamp. Top quality Belden cable and brand-name connectors, guaranteed for ten years! 

Note that if you have a standard Dual-Channel Pro preamplifier (with separate inputs), you'll need two mono cables, not a single stereo one.

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