K&K Sound Pure Bass Pickup - for Acoustic Bass Guitar (4/5 string)

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  • K&K Sound Pure Bass Pickup - for Acoustic Bass Guitar (4 string), product
  • K&K Sound Pure Bass Pickup - for Acoustic Bass Guitar (4 string), diagram of installation
  • K&K Sound Pure Bass Pickup - for Acoustic Bass Guitar (5 string), product
  • K&K Sound Pure Bass Pickup - for Acoustic Bass Guitar (5 string), diagram of installation
  • K&K Sound Pure Bass Pickup - for Acoustic Bass Guitar (5 string), installation example
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PURE Pickup
for Acoustic Bass Guitars (also works for Tenor Guitars)

This specialized, easy to install transducer system does not sound as harsh and is less percussive than saddle transducers! By positioning transducers directly beneath the bridge inside the guitar body, high signal-to-noise ratio and high gain-before-feedback can be achieved. In addition, the guitar top plays a more important role than with saddle transducers, yielding a warmer, more microphone-like tone. The Pure Western (shown), for steel string guitar, has three transducers. The Pure Classic, for classical guitar, has four transducers to allow for its different bracing pattern. The Pure Bass/Tenor Guitar has two transducers (the five-string version has three). It is the bracing and number of strings that should guide your selection; e.g., the three transducer Pure Western model should be used for a five string acoustic bass guitar.

The Bass/Tenor Guitar four string model is shown in the illustration (see images, above), which demonstrates where the transducers are located. Installation is far easier and precise positioning is less critical than with the typical undersaddle transducer. Special tape is included to apply to your precious instrument's soundboard, so you don't need to superglue the transducers directly to the wood - removal is easier and the installation is non-destructive. The special tape and a tube of Super Glue are included, and the transducers are prewired to a high quality endpin jack.

K&K Sound, manufacturer of the Pure Guitar system names the following ADVANTAGES of the PURE GUITAR's transducers and mounting system:

  • The special PURE surface transducers DO transmit a significant portion of the soundboard because they are not as close to the strings as an undersaddle pickup. Each of the transducers is designed to pick up a specific string pair, but also “listens” to the adjacent area around the bridge.
  • The PURE pickups are not under pressure and therefore do NOT sound percussive or harsh.
  • The PURE system reproduces all strings nicely balanced, a known problem with undersaddle pickups.
  • The PURE system sounds great just in passive mode! Unlike undersaddle pickups which passively sound thin and treble-only, the passive PURE system puts out a nicely balanced, warm, full range signal.
  • How safe is the PURE GUITAR System with feedback? Due to PURE GUITAR’s location on the bridge plate under the bridge, feedback resistance is comparable to undersaddle transducers. Technically, a pickup installed in or on the bridge is a lot less likely to feedback than one which is attached to the open sound board. The 1/8” thin sound board can act like a diaphragm and vibrate along with loud sound-signals from speaker cabinets. This is the kind of feedback you experience on an acoustic guitar. The thicker bridge area is a lot harder to be set into vibration from an outside source simply because of its mass.
  • In K&K Sound's tests with both steel string and classic guitars equipped with an undersaddle pickup plus the PURE system, they were able to achieve about the same gain-before-feedback with both systems.

Disadvantages of undersaddle transducers:

  • Hard, percussive tone, because the piezo transducers are under high pressure.
  • They picks up mostly string and finger sounds, and capture very little from the guitar's soundboard, so crucial in reproducing your guitar's true voice.
  • There is always the chance of unbalanced volumes, with individual strings louder or softer than others. Trying the equalize loudness can result in a very work intensive balancing procedure.
  • Needs special preamp to compensate for the hard sound.

    Of course, every manufacturer swears that his undersaddle transducer is far better than anything else. Let’s face it, as long as the pickup is in the undersaddle position, they have to deal with the above mentioned characteristics.

Product Manual

Need to figure out some of the more in-depth features of this product? Here's a copy of the manual, in PDF format, here.

You may wish to visit the manufacturer's website to see if a more recent version is available.



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Warranty Information

K&K grants all customers a 12-month (1 year) warranty that our products are free from defects in workmanship and materials with normal and proper use. K&K reserves the right to inspect all warranty claims and ensure that the item has not been altered, repaired, subjected to misuse, or damaged by improper installation. These will void the warranty.

For valid warranty claims, K&K will repair the item and ship it back to the customer for free, via the lowest cost shipping method. Initial shipping charges are to be paid by the customer. We normally have a 1-2 business day turnover time for repairs.

Initiating a Warranty Claim
  • Please test the K&K product thoroughly to ensure that it is the source of the problem (not a cable or other unit used in combination with the item). If the product requires a battery, ensure that the battery is new and fresh.
  • Call K&K (1-800-867-6863 x107) or e-mail tech support to obtain an RA number. This number is valid for 10 days. Items returned without a valid RA number may not be processed.
  • Include proof of purchase to show that the item is within the 12-month warranty period. If proof of purchase cannot be obtained, or if the item is outside the warranty period, a repair fee may be charged.
  • Package the product securely. K&K is not responsible for damage incurred during transit.
  • Please include the following information with the package:
    • RA number
    • Description of the problem
    • Copy of invoice, sales receipt, or similar proof of purchase
    • Complete contact information with phone number
Send warranty repairs to:

K&K Sound Systems Inc
Attn: RA # [Please indicate your unique RA number here]
92798 Cape Arago Hwy
Coos Bay, OR 97420
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6 Reviews

  • 5
    K & K Pure Bass Pickup

    Posted by Norm on Jan 2nd 2021

    I installed the Pure Bass pickup in my acoustic bass guitar. Wow, the sound is fantastic and is a great reproduction of the guitar's non-amplified sound.

  • 5
    Works beautifully

    Posted by W.S. on Aug 4th 2018

    Gentlemen: Thank you for the above order for my Blueridge Tenor Guitar. I followed your precise instructions for placing the (2) pickups under and between the C & G and the D & A strings using the tape you sent me and not using super gel glue at all as stated by your representative and it worked just beautifully. When finger picking this truly brings out the quality Bass and Treble notes of this instrument fully. I play Tenor Banjo mainly and truly appreciate the true quality tone that this guitar can produce with your K & K Sound Pure Pickup for 4 string ABG or Tenor Guitar. I would recommend this pickup to any serious Tenor Guitar player.

  • 5
    Full harmonic range

    Posted by Mike G on Nov 11th 2017

    I finally had that K & K Pure Bass pickup installed in my Dean acoustic. Man, what a world of difference. Instead of that pinched nasal tone, I’m hearing the full harmonic range of the instrument, much closer to a “pure” acoustic tone. Plus, as you said, they were able to hack into the existing preamp no problem. The work was done by a local luthier for me. Thanks for steering me towards this equipment. The Dean is now a formidable bass in my arsenal!

  • 5
    Lots more tone

    Posted by Gary L on Apr 12th 2011

    Thanks guys. The pickup is installed and has a lot more tone than the under saddle that came with the bass. I have an ABG that looks a lot like a Thunderchief, big body, offset sound hole. So far this pickup is the best I have tried out. The Euphonic Audio set I bought from you works excellent with this bass and new pickup.

  • 5
    Very happy

    Posted by Nelson F on Jan 11th 2010

    Hi Mark, Bob, I purchased the K+K Sound pure bass pickup for my 4 string acoustic bass guitar, and wanted to let you know I am happy with the results. The bracing on my bass is unusual, so I contacted K+K Sound and got a quick reponse with advice from the owner about pickup placement. The installation went fine and would have been even more straightforward on a standard ABG. Glad no battery is needed. There is plenty of output, and I have used three different bass amps with no trouble, so I have no need for a pre-amp. Lots of comments from fellow musicians after a gig about how good it sounded. My bass has a great unamplified sound, and I put the pickup to the test by doing a few solo recordings direct from the pickup with no equalization. Playback produced a lifelike reproduction of the unamplified instrument with a bit more bottom end. I am very satisfied with the setup. Thanks, you made a good choice in carrying this product - glad I found you online.

  • 5
    Great on my Tacoma

    Posted by Andrew Kerensky on Oct 15th 2009

    Hi Bob G, i thought this bit of information would be of interest to you. I recently purchased a K&K Sound Pure Pickup for Acoustic Bass Guitar from your online store...well today i can report that this pickup was fitted to my all acoustic model Tacoma Thunderchief in about 3 minutes and the special tool required? My 7 year old daughter! I'm delighted with the sound quality and the simpleness of the fitting, i was looking at adding a bit of extra volume without colouring the sound quality of my Tacoma ABG and the K&K Sound Pure Pickup for ABG does exactly that. This information may be of value to others out their who also own Tacoma ABG's.

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