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Accessories for Upright BassInstrument Care

Bass Edge Protector Set - Bumpers (Leather or Rubber)

         Manufactured by: Gollihur Music

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Whenever you put your bass down on its side, you risk scratches, dents, or chips in the edges! Choose one of these simple sets of 4 stick-on protectors to provide "bumpers" or "feet" that will elevate the edges off the floor and keep the wood from taking on that damage. They should have no effect on your instrument's tone, due to their recommended location at the edges of your bass' side.

No tools or modifications required: they are easily installed using an adhesive which is pre-applied to each pad. Note that the adhesive is designed for permanent use; as a result, removing the bumpers once the adhesive has "set" (about 72 hours, according to the instructions) could potentially mar or damage the finish... but isn't that better than grinding the edges of your bass away?

Each set of four (enough for one side of the bass) comes complete with simple instructions and an alcohol prep pad to prepare the installation locations.

Simple and effective edge protection!

We now have two different bumper options!

The "deluxe" bumpers are handcrafted in soft dyed leather, which provides a softer "footing" between your bass and whatever surface you put it down onto. They're low profile and extremely lightweight.

The leather bumpers are two-tone; they feature a warm "burnished" brown top finish, and the sides are dyed black to make them low-profile and classy-looking.

These are specially made for Gollihur Music by a specialty leatherworker -- we even have our own exclusive die for producing them(!) -- and you can't find this exact bumper design anywhere else.

Dimensions of the leather bumpers (may vary slightly, as these are hand-crafted):
  • Thickness: 11/32nd inch/8.8mm
  • Width: 3/8th inch/9.75mm
  • Length: 2.45 inches/62.3mm
Package includes 4 bumpers (enough for one side), alcohol cleaning pad, and instructions.

The "standard" bumpers are crafted of 60 Durometer Neoprene Rubber, which is very dense, durable rubber which will last a very long time, but has a nice amount of "give" so putting the bass down on them won't transmit the shock to the instrument's ribs. They are also backed with VHB (Very High Bond) permanent adhesive for easy (and permanent) peel-and-stick application. These are specially made for Gollihur Music by a specialty rubber company, and you can't find this specific bumper anywhere else.

Dimensions of the rubber bumpers (may vary slightly):
  • Thickness: 3/8 inch/9.75mm
  • Width: 3/8th inch/9.75mm
  • Length: 2.5 inches/64.25mm
Package includes 4 bumpers (enough for one side), alcohol cleaning pad, and instructions.

Installation Tips:
  • Each set is designed to protect one side of your instrument. Monitor your habits and you'll probably find the favored side is the one against your body, but you can determine that.
  • While the bass is put on its side, use pieces of masking tape, Post-it, etc., to indicate exactly where your bass meets the floor, so the bumpers will be in the right places.
  • Turn the bass over, and again, use masking tape or a marker to put guides on the sides to show exactly where you want to put the bumpers. You want accurate placement for the most attractive result, so be sure each pair is exactly in the same place.
  • Some basses have an extra wood strip along the side of the edge. Depending on construction and wear you may want to place the bumpers there or on the side. Check the fit and make sure the top of the bumper is taller than the edge of the bass.
  • Follow the package instructions for cleaning and applying the bumpers.

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I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for helping me to get a great sound from my string bass. I wanted to play my Englelhardt string bass with a 7 piece swing band that included trumpet, sax, trombone, guitar, drums, bass and vocals, but could never seem to get a great, or even good, amplified sound. After explaining the loud environment in which I played, Gollihur recommended, and I purchased, a Krivo magnetic pickup and a preamp to replace the electronics in my Palatino Electric string bass. It sounded pretty decent and was a huge improvement. I tried the pickup on my 1985 Engelhardt EM-1 string bass and it sounded pretty decent but the strings were dead, so I purchased some Corelli 370’s which I love. Unfortunately, I still got a really "boomy" sound from my electric bass amp. I read a lot about the Acoustic Image amps but wasn’t sure that the amplifier would make that big of a difference. After much deliberation, I found and purchased a used Coda II and immediately loved it. I still felt like I needed a bit more, so I took the plunge and bought the Acoustic Image Ten2 X extension cabinet. I cannot say enough good things about this new setup. The direct out is great for larger shows and the amp along with extension cabinet seldom needs to be set above '3' to sound great in any room. The electric bass sounds amazing as well. The fact that the amp and cabinet are super compact and weigh 23 and 27 pounds respectively, is icing on the cake. Lastly, to complete my setup, I bought leather bumpers for both of my basses and a Golihur branded Bass bag for the Engelhardt. I love the bag. The quality is great and as advertised, it goes on and off the bass easily. This is a really longwinded way of saying, THANKS. Thanks to Golihur, I have been able to go from feeling like I had to play electric all the time and could never get a good amplified string bass sound, to having a GREAT, consistently dependable, amplified string bass sound. I now am able to play my string bass for all but the most obviously electric tunes. If players ask, "will the Acoustic Image amp make that big of a difference over their electric bass amp?" I can unreservedly say, "Yes, there is a huge difference." I have a great sound and wanted to share my experience in case it can help any other players whom you may advise.
Michael R. (December 2018)