Specialty Cable: 1 foot effects loop 'Y' cable (insert cable)

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  • Specialty Cable: 1 foot effects loop 'Y' cable (insert cable)
  • Specialty Cable: 1 foot effects loop 'Y' cable (insert cable)
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This handy 1 Foot "insert" cable is perfect for use with the Radial Tonebone BassBone dual-channel preamp; used to access its switchable effects loop. It has a TRS (Tip/Ring/Sleeve, aka "stereo") 1/4" plug on one end, which splits out to a pair of mono plugs on their own wires. 

With two ¼ inch mono connectors acting as an output and return, you simply plug the TRS end into the effects loop i/o on the BassBone. It will also work great in either effect loop on the (sadly now discontinued) DTAR Solstice preamp.

Note: This cable can also be used to combine the outputs of two separate pickups into the stereo input on a few of our "2-channel" preamps that have TRS inputs. Some options:

  • K&K Dual-Channel Pro ST preamp
  • One of several K&K 2-channel preamps using a stereo input jack, like the
    • Bass Master Rockabilly Plus preamp
    • Bass Master Pro preamp
    • Golden Trinity Preamp
  • L.R. Baggs MixPro Dual Channel Preamp
  • Headway EDB-2 H.E. 2-Channel Preamp
  • Schatten Design Mini Pre 2
  • Grace Design FELiX or FELiX2
  • Radial Engineering PZ-PRO
  • Radial Engineering PZ-Pre


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