7710T WHITE Nylon Tape Wound Upright Bass Strings

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  • 7710T WHITE Nylon Tape Wound Upright Bass Strings
  • 7710T WHITE Nylon Tape Wound Upright Bass Strings, on bass
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These strings build upon the success of the longtime favorite 7710 Black Tape Wound (now called the 7710N) which were developed with the assistance of Ron Carter and Attila Zoller. For the new White tape 7710T, LaBella worked with Ron Carter and a number of other members of their "Inner Circle of Artists" to come up with the design changes and proper construction for this new variant.

The newly developed strings are, like the original version, metal rope core strings, surrounded by a proprietary nylon wrap. The new 7710T strings are wound with a clear* proprietary nylon, which makes for an an even smoother-to-the-touch string with brighter tone and clarity than the original black-tape strings.

Includes our exclusive Gollihur Music tipsheet to get the most out of your purchaseSince the black strings were (according to LaBella) originally intended to emulate gut, but to have a bit more of the feel and sustain characteristics of steel strings, this new version is a bit of a departure - the strings are brighter than the original 7710, so they should offer a whole new experience for the player, tone-wise. Like the black strings, the bottom end is good, and the steel core gives them a strong fundamental. Also like the black set, I don't personally think that they sound all that much like gut - their pitch is clearer and sustain longer - but they are excellent if you favor a slightly "muted" steel string kind of vibe.

Like most strings with a nylon or perlon outer winding, they're not a great choice for arco (bowing) as the bow has trouble "gripping" the material. You can work with alternate rosin choices, and even "scuff up" the outer surface a bit with fine steel wool, to create some purchase for the bow, but coupled with the stiffness of these particular strings, bowability is definitely not their strong suit.

We also carry the sets for basses with E-string extensions and 5-Strings with a high C string.

Over 30 years ago, Ron Carter came to La Bella Strings with a vision: a jazz string that captured the rich tone of gut and sustain of steel, but without the headaches of gut and overly metallic sound of chrome. Months of R&D alongside Ron Carter and Attila Zoller resulted in the formation behind the 7710N Black Nylon Tape Wound Double Bass set. La Bella Strings is proud to introduce the new 7710T White Nylon Tape Wound, which takes the nylon tape construction to a whole new level. Unlike the 7710N Black Nylon Tape Wound Set, the 7710T strings are wound with a clear proprietary nylon to create an even smoother-to-the-touch string with brighter tone and clarity than the original 7710N strings.


  • G .064
  • D .075
  • A .100
  • E .137
* I emphasize that the outer windings are CLEAR because LaBella calls these the "white" version of the 7710 string, and they're not white. The milky/clear outer winding allows the colors of the inner windings to show through the outer wrap, and those windings' colors are actually a bit different from string to string; they vary from a copper-like E, A, and D string, to a more silvery G string.
I only tell you this to ensure that you don't feel like you got strings that were wrongly-packed, defective, or otherwise "weird" - the strings will play and sound perfectly normal, they just look a little "not white." See the close-up photo (supplied by a customer) to get an idea of what to expect.
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