Accessories for Upright Bass

We have lots of useful, handy, and just plain fun accessories for upright bass players! Transport wheels, stands, stools and chairs, string winders to help you re-string your bass, electronic tuners, and much more.

Click the "sub-categories" to the right (under "Display Only") to narrow down the selection - we have so much to choose from, it'll help you make sense of everything. And, of course, we're here for you -- you can always email or call us with questions, or if you're not finding what you're seeking -- if we don't currently carry it, maybe we can get it for you!

  • Gollihur Music

    'Okay' Logo Vinyl Sticker Parody Emblem for Bass Tailpiece

    So, you've got a "CCB" or an Engelhardt, and you like the idea of putting out a little "Kay" vibe. But you don't want to be a poseur and try to actually pass your budget/beater bass off as the real thing? I've got something for you, then.This parody logo...

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  • Roth Sihon

    (Wire) Performance Mute for Upright Bass

    This unusual mute slides onto the strings between the bridge and tailpiece. It's made of nickel-plated spring steel, with clear flexible tubing and brass spacers. The mute slides on a pair of strings to adjust the nature of the sound, and can even be...

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  • ATA Flight Case for NS Design Basses

    This flight case is custom-manufactured by one of our partners specifically to carry your NS Design EU, CR, NXT, or WAV4 bass, in its gig bag, along with its stand.It's a trunk style case made from plywood, laminated with ABS plastic in an attractive...

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  • Gollihur Music

    Bass Bomb - Feedback Fighting Resonance Reducer

    An old-school method for reducing feedback when amplifying an upright bass? Wedging a NerfTM mini football between the tailpiece and body. It can often help, because it dampers the body vibrations, reducing the likelihood that the amplified sound will...

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  • Gollihur Music

    Bass Clef Domed Decal for your Apple Computer Logo

    This cool resin decal, exclusively from Gollihur Music, is designed and shaped to go on your MacBook* computer, and overlays the light-up Apple* logo on the cover. It has a simple bass clef design, rendered in clear against a black background - so when...

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  • Gollihur Music

    Bass Edge Protector Set - Bumpers (Leather or Rubber)

    Whenever you put your bass down on its side, you risk scratches, dents, or chips in the edges! Choose one of these simple sets of 4 stick-on protectors to provide "bumpers" or "feet" that will elevate the edges off the floor and keep the wood from taking...

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  • Gollihur Music

    Bob's Rubber Endpin Cover for Kay and Engelhardt Basses

    For years, we've hosted an FAQ (in our Resources, see menu above) for Bob's crafty two-piece solution to replace the rubber endpin cap on a Kay or Engelhardt 1/2" endpin. Although we also stock economy rubber endpin caps, some folks need something a lot...

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  • Ardsley

    Bow Hair Cleaning and Reconditioning Kit

    Is your bow hair all crudded up with old, crusty rosin? Did you use too much and get it all gunked up? Are you changing to a new rosin and want to start fresh? You might not need an expensive rehair; if your bow has a lot of buildup of old, stale rosin -...

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  • Gollihur Music

    Brushed Aluminum Gig Bag Tag

    This nice tag is made of aluminum, so it's durable and attractive. It features our Gollihur Music script logo with the smaller sized "BASS" oval logo on one side (have to make sure that no one will mistake your bass for a cello!) It has a removeable...

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  • K and M (Konig and Meyer)

    Deluxe Heavy Duty Folding Music Stand

    Okay Mark... Seriously? A $110 Music Stand?Yeah, I know what you're thinking. That's a lot of cash to drop on a music stand. Couldn't I find a much cheaper stand?Well, yes. Yes I could. But you can find cheaper, lighter-weight stands pretty much...

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