Ninomute for double bass and electric upright

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  • Ninomute for double bass and electric upright
  • Ninomute for double bass and electric upright
  • Ninomute for double bass and electric upright
  • Ninomute for double bass and electric upright
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This really nicely made mute is a relatively new product, developed and hand-crafted by Nino Ocampo, and distributed by Nordstrand, the pickup-maker for electric basses (I have some Nordstrand pickups on my six-string bass guitar and they are outstanding!) It's based somewhat on a mute they originally made for bass guitar, and thanks to the creative spark of Nino, who is a bassist himself, they now have a version for upright as well.

Includes our exclusive Gollihur Music tipsheet to get the most out of your purchaseIt has little slits in the dense foam to straddle each string, usually placed right next to the bridge, and is therefore easy to put on and off. The soft materials and easy flexibility mean that there's no chance of damage to the strings or instrument.

On a double bass, it provides a nice dampering effect on the decay and sustain, and brings up the "thump" level quite noticeably. It's definitely more aggressive than a typical wire mute, Tourte mute, or ebony bridge mute. But it doesn't totally "deaden" the bass either, like a full-on practice mute would. I can imagine that folks playing Latin music styles like Salsa or Merengue, who might use a Baby Bass to get "that percussive, thumpy sound," should find the Ninomute very effective. It also really dials in a great sound when used in conjunction with a magnetic pickup like the Krivo - so if you're in a high-volume (feedback-prone) situation, a Krivo and this mute might be the ticket to better, feedback-free sound.

The mute really shines on an electric upright, too. Put this thing on an NS Design bass, and suddenly it's a whole new ball game. Even with the OEM "Contemporary" strings (which are purposely not designed to provide an "authentic" upright tone) -- with a Ninomute installed, the bass tone gets a LOT closer to what a player seeking a more portable alternative to their full-sized upright is going for.

Check out the video, below, to see what I'm talking about. This clip is using the stock strings on a brand new NS WAV4 bass, which also has limited EQ. It's like a magic spell - stick it on the bass and suddenly it's a lot more "authentic" sounding.

The XT "Extra Thump" model has a thicker foam contact point, and therefore a much stronger muting action. I don't recommend the XT model for electric uprights, as I find that it mutes too much. However, for a more extreme mute effect on an upright bass, you might prefer the XT model.

Available in 4 and 5-string versions, standard and "x-tra thump." Four colors are available: Natural, Black, Whiskey and Cognac.


New Model for the OmniBass

The standard sized Ninomutes don't fit the NS Design OmniBass; the string spacing is not compatible and it cannot be mounted without damage. I worked out the finer points with Nino on a few phone calls and emails, and I'm delighted to tell you that we now have a version specially made for the smaller OmniBass instrument. It's sized specifically for the instrument, and provides the same type of muting for the OmniBass as the larger model does for the full-sized EUB. Since it's a more specialized product, you can have it in any color you want - as long as it's black. And it's only available in the "standard" design (the X-tra Thump model would mute it to an dull thud).

But we've got 'em (because we helped develop them.)


Designed for double bass and other stringed instruments, the NinoMute alters the instruments’ note envelope, smoothing out articulation and working to tame abrasive, dynamically inconsistent notes. The resulting tone is thumpier, darker, and more direct; highly effective in ensembles that call for a mellower sound. With a bow, the NinoMute’s focus provides emphasis on fundamental technique and can act as a kind of training aid, helping students develop their fingering while controlling sympathetic resonance and the grating scratch of rudimentary arco technique. The NinoMute expands significantly the timbre and dynamics of the acoustic bass, adding a professional range of colors to the instrument’s sonic palette.


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2 Reviews

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    Great mute!

    Posted by Henrik on Sep 14th 2020

    This mute is simply great! I play mostly slap bass and live in an apartment. Been searching for a good mute for while, now I've found it. Highly recommended!

  • 5

    Posted by Jim on Jul 27th 2020

    This is a pretty convenient tool for anyone wanting to add a mute to their bass and remove it quickly. I won’t use it all the time but it does create another option and works and fits well.

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