Deluxe Tabletop Metronome with Wood Case

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When I was a kid, my mom -- a longtime public school music teacher and choir conductor -- had a metronome on the piano that used this classic pyramid design. Hers, over the years, got pretty beat up (in a house with three rambunctious boys) and the original cover was lost, but I always remember her practicing the Bach Inventions at the piano using the steady "click-click-click" of her mechanical metronome. It's a very happy memory for me.

A metronome can be a very useful tool for working on your internal time and tempo, and ensuring that your practice sessions have you working at the correct musical pace. And in my opinion, a classic mechanical one like this is so much nicer to work with than the ping-y synthetic "beep" of one of those cheap electronic jobs.

This handsome metronome is made by Wittner in Germany; the precision mechanical clockworks are encased in a beautiful real mahogany finish case with classic styling - SOLID WOOD, not a laminate or photo-flame! We've chosen the classy matte finish*. A locking cover protects the swingarm when not in use and provides a classy furniture-grade look that will be at home in any music room.

It stands about 8.5" tall, and the base is about 4.5" square. It has a removable winding key that has a receiver in the bottom panel for a clean look.

This metronome is 100% mechanical; it winds up and requires no batteries. It is capable of supplying accurate timing from 40-208 BPM. Instructions included.

TL;DR: Classic-style and super-accuracy with gorgeous finely crafted wood body.

* Other finishes are available from the manufacturer: Gloss Mahogany, Cherry colored, Walnut colored, Genuine Walnut, Black Gloss, Blonde Maple, Brilliant White, Brown Oak, Black Oak. If you're interested in one of these other colors, just ask - we'll look into availability and any cost variations.

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