Double Bass Sight Reading - A Fresh Approach

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This 104 page book is very comprehensive; Authors John Kember and David Stark have put together a huge collection of pieces to engage the player to develop one's sight-reading skills. The book features 195 carefully-graded sight-reading pieces and exercises in a range of musical styles, separated into 11 sections that address new skills as one progresses. The collection includes solos, duets and pieces with piano accompaniment, and is suitable for beginning to advanced level students.

Extended preface explains the pedagogy, gets into detail, and offers guidance. Each section opens with tips, a glossary, and thoughts on the exercises. Good for self-study, as well as use with a teacher.

By Section:

  1. Open strings, simple rhythms, all pizz
  2. 1/2 position, arco, 3/4 time, more dynamics
  3. New key signatures, positions 1/2/4, slurs
  4. New key signatures, 3/8 time, more complex rhythms
  5. 3rd position, triplets, style and tempo, extended range
  6. New key signatures, range further extended, articulation/dynamics
  7. Thumb position, tenor clef, further range extension
  8. New key signatures, reinforcement of prior sections, variety of styles
  9. Further style/key exploration, syncopation
  10. Treble clef, 7/4 time, swinging, walking, double flats, chord symbols
  11. Brings it all together with a wide variety of styles and tonalities

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