EDM-1 H.E. 1 Channel Preamplifier

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  • EDM-1 H.E. 1 Channel Preamplifier by Headway, 3/4 view
  • EDM-1 H.E. 1 Channel Preamplifier by Headway, top view
  • EDM-1 H.E. 1 Channel Preamplifier by Headway, with text decriptions
  • EDM-1 H.E. 1 Channel Preamplifier by Headway, with text descriptions
  • EDM-1 H.E. 1 Channel Preamplifier by Headway, side view
  • EDM-1 H.E. 1 Channel Preamplifier by Headway, side view
  • EDM-1 H.E. 1 Channel Preamplifier by Headway, alternate view
  • EDM-1 H.E. 1 Channel Preamplifier by Headway, accessories
  • EDM-1 HEPLUS model with extra input adapter and special power supply
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Headway calls the EDM–1 H.E. an Equalizer/Direct Mini Preamplifier with Harmonic Enhancer. Wow, that's a mouthful. But this handy box packs a lot of nice functionality into its diminuitive (3" x 3.25" by 1.1") footprint.
They say: "Multi-function Pre-amplifier with 3 band EQ, Anti-Feedback/hum, Direct Injection, phase reverse, phantom power, FX Loop and Harmonic Enhancer functions for Superior Acoustic Amplification."
Includes our exclusive Gollihur Music tipsheet to get the most out of your purchaseI say, it's a nicely crafted preamp with useful features for most any bassist (or acoustic instrumentalist.) Of course, it's got an appropriate input impedance for acoustic pickups - that's a given, if you're finding in on our site. But it has a simple-to-operate low cut filter to reduce boominess, a straightforward 3-band EQ (Bass/Mid/Treble) for easy "dialing in" and a phase reverse, which can sometimes be a useful tool to improve tone/reduce feedback.
It includes phantom power for the input, for those of you using a small electret mic (like the K&K Golden Bullet, for which this is an EXCELLENT upgrade to the fuctionality of the standard power box). It also has a built in "Harmonic Enhancer" - which you may or may not find useful, as it generally enhances "sparkle" and clarity in the upper ranges. But it can create a bit of magic in the upper range, which can sometimes be a bit "flat" sounding when using piezo pickups.

It also has a legit DI - you can send to your amp, or use an XLR to send directly to "the house" (XLR adapter included) without needing a separate direct box.

There's even a handy mute switch (with simplistic red light/green light indicators) so you can take a break without worrying about creeping feedback.

It's a very nice, well-voiced, preamp. It comes with several accessories (even a little pleather bag!) and is nicely crafted in the EU.


  • Harmonic Enhancer
  • Phase Reverse
  • 3-band Equalizer
  • Ground Lift
  • DI with Balanced Out (on TRS jack, adapter to XLR included)
  • Anti-Feedback features
  • Insert Point
  • Tunable "Range" control reduces boominess
  • Phantom Power for small electret mics - 11v, and optional 18v for true condensers when using 18v optional power adapter
  • Mounts on mic stand, and includes optional belt clip
  • Includes leatherette bag

Special HW-EDM-1-HEPLUS Model

The special HW-EDM-1-HE is an enhanced version of this preamp; it includes an Extra XLR IN to Jack Adapter and an 18v Headway Power Supply Unit. This makes this single channel preamp Condenser Mic friendly!




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