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Enjoy the Double Bass, Instruction Books/CDs

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Enjoy the Double Bass
Double Bass Method with Piano Accompaniment Book/tracks

This method for learning upright bass has some similarities to the Simandl exercises, but has some guidance for self-learners (the Simandl book has exercises only.) This book, unlike our popular "Essential Elements" set, assumes that you already know the basics of reading music. If you're taking your bass studies seriously, and want to learn proper technique (including arco) this set of comprehensive books with play along tracks could be your ticket.

The first book covers half position up to 2.5 position; the second picks up where the first left off and takes you up to fifth position. Book 3 covers 5½ position up to 7th position; the final book of the series is a huge volume that is all about thumb position. All books are chock full of illustrations and photos. Book one is 120 pages, while book two is 92 pages, book three is 92 pages, and book four is *175* pages - so this is no thin "elementary method" book - you'll get a lot of time and use out of this set!

Additionally, each of the books includes downloadable tracks: performances, piano accompaniments, and printable PDF scores for many of the exercises in the book.

Note: The arco notes and illustrations in this set refer to the German/Butler style bow. The exercises are, of course, compatible with either bow and grip style.


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