Estle Louis Fully Carved 'Performer' Bass

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Product Overview

We are happy to introduce the Estle Louis Performer Upright Bass from Gollihur Music.

Our previous fully carved bass has been a rousing success with our customers, but recently, our manufacturer has been unable to supply them. So now I introduce a new fully carved model, with some differences in specifications - but equal (or better) in quality - at a very similar price point. Since it is a different instrument, I call this the "Performer" model, as I feel that it will be perfect for a performing professional bassist, or an advanced student (like a university bass performance major). As before, this is a truly hand-carved basses that is completely set up for optimal play and sound before it is shipped to you.

Like the previous carved bass, this model has a rich, full-bodied tone, with just the right amount of "darkness" to its timbre so that it doesn't sound harsh or brash. And this new bass positively SINGS under the bow, with excellent projection and punch for arco play. This makes it an ideal instrument for use in regional or university orchestra settings, but it's also perfectly at home for jazz, swing, bluegrass, or whatever else you set it up for (different string options exist for those looking to "dial in" a particular type of sound.)

The Gollihur Music Estle Louis (pronounced ESS-tull LEW-iss) Fully Carved "Performer" basses are currently available with Violin-style corners (as shown in photos) in ¾ size. The price includes the professional set-up, which features the fitting of an adjustable bridge and D'Addario Helicore strings.

Again, to clarify: the bass is fully carved, it's not a "hybrid"; it features a choice spruce top with a maple back and sides. It is hand-graduated (carved) and hand-varnished in a very traditional warm reddish brown color. It comes complete with brand-name (not throw-away) strings and a quality maple adjustable bridge, and the bass is strung up and READY TO PLAY right out of the box... no luthier trips or extra costs are needed!

Our luthier partners carefully examine each instrument, and do all the setup work, so we can be certain that everyone gets the high-quality bass they expect and deserve.

This setup service includes:

  • Planing the fingerboard (carving the appropriate "relief" into the board) for low action
  • Properly fitting a quality maple adjustable bridge
  • Slotting and shaping the nut for left-hand ease of play
  • Ensuring optimum soundpost placement for clear, rich tone
  • Play-testing each instrument to ensure maximum playability and sound

Basic Dimensions:

Size 3/4
Scale Length
(nut to bridge)
41.5 inches
Body Depth (top) 8 inches
Body Depth (bottom) 8.5 inches
Width (top bout) 18.25 inches
Width (bottom bout) 25 inches
Body Height
(heel to saddle)
44 inches
Approximate Weight
(bass only)
21.25 lb.

Note: 3/4 size bass features a "Eb-Neck"
(meaning that when your hand is "in" the neck pocket, it is in the E-flat position.)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review