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Estle Louis 'Ed' - Our Complete Rockabilly Bass PACKAGE

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  • Estle Louis 'Ed' - Our Complete Rockabilly Bass PACKAGE, bass (Black)
  • Estle Louis 'Ed' - Our Complete Rockabilly Bass PACKAGE, bass (Brown)
  • Tattoo for Ed bass, closeup
  • Tattoo for Ed bass, options
  • Estle Louis 'Ed' - Our Complete Rockabilly Bass PACKAGE,  pickup system
  • Estle Louis 'Ed' - Our Complete Rockabilly Bass PACKAGE, bass bag
  • Estle Louis 'Ed' - Our Complete Rockabilly Bass PACKAGE, product art
  • Estle Louis 'Ed' - Our Complete Rockabilly Bass PACKAGE, bass (Brown)
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Meet Ed.
Wait, you named the bass "Ed?" Why yes, we did.

Our Estle Louis bass lineup has been doing very well, though rockabilly and psychobilly players have been asking for a similar bass for them. So we put a complete, no fuss, ready-to-play package built around the perfect bass for more contemporary styles.

We've named our line of basses Estle Louis (pronounced ESS-tull LEW-iss), but what you might not know is that Bob chose that name as a tribute to his father. And it wasn't just because of their joint efforts to acquire and bring his first URB back to life; it was his strength of will, and many life lessons that still resonate with Bob -- and with me, as his proud grandson.

Bob's '41 Kay was a filthy basement rescue, the body only, stripped of every piece including the fingerboard. The ugly icing on the cake was the multicolor paint job; it was formerly used as a magician's prop. Together, Bob and his Dad brought that bass back to life, learning along the way. Fifty years later, Bob is still gigging it.

So, why "Ed?"

Includes our exclusive Gollihur Music tipsheet to get the most out of your purchaseHere's the thing. If he were still around, my grandpop would get a nice chuckle out of the fact that we have our fancy, shiny... "pretty" basses adorned with his name. He'd get an even bigger laugh hearing folks occasionally mispronouncing his name, typically with a French accent. He was hardly a hoity-toity guy whose name would have an accent and a silent "s." Grandpa was a hardscrabble, WWII Navy veteran, with a basement workshop, who worked with his hands and believed he could do -- and fix -- anything. I can still hear him saying, "If a man made it, another man can fix it!" He was a guy with rough hands, and a firm handshake -- and a real mischievous twinkle in his eye. I have a coffee table in my living room that he built for me, and it's so solid that my daughter dances on it.

Oh, and nobody actually called him Estle, he was "Ed" to everyone except, on occasion, Grandma.

So this bass, with its rockabilly attitude and unorthodox style, couldn't possibly be an "Estle Louis," even though it's an extension of that bass lineup.

So, with that out of the way, check out all that you get from this package:

  • 3/4 size Estle Louis Laminated Bass in Gloss Black finish
    (NEW - Optional Traditional Brown Fade/Burst Available, also available in 1/2 size and LEFT HANDED 3/4 size!)
    • Ebony Fingerboard
    • Reinforced side edging for durability
    • Inlaid purfling in aged white "pinstripe" style (not paint)
    • Adjustable Bridge
    • Quality Hardware
    • Includes Full Setup (ready-to-play)
  • Strung with Evah Pirazzi Slap Strings - Full Synthetic Set (regular price $227.99)
    • 1/2 size brown model will be strung with Eurosonic Light Strings, or we can work with you to decide what strings you would like on the bass.
  • Shadow Rockabilly Pickup/Preamp Preinstalled (regular price $319.99)
  • Gollihur Bass Bag INCLUDED (regular price $172.50)
  • FREE (Optional) Personalized tattoo* for the neck heel

* See the photo; the "ED" tattoo as shown on the back of the neck heel is optional (you install it, very easily, if you want it) and we can custom cut one with YOUR name or initials (up to six letters/numbers) if you prefer. Just enter what you'd like, in the provided text field, when ordering -- and we'll make it happen!

It's kind of amazing what you get in this package; that's over $700 in string upgrades and accessories alone. And you also get a killer BASS in that price, with an adjustable bridge and ebony fittings. And it's fully set up (most luthiers charge well over $100 for a basic setup.) When you take delivery of your new "Ed" bass package, it's ready to play right out of the box.

I like it, but I don't play Rockabilly...
Now, yes - this bass has a very distinctive look, but sonically, it can be used for any style of music. The pickup is designed to capture the percussive "click" of slapstyle play, but you can mute the neck ("clicky") pickup and play straightforward bluegrass, rock and roll, gospel, jazz, and more. Or, we offer other pickup options (or none at all!)

Don't want the Evah Pirazzi Slap strings?
We can have any string we carry installed on your bass if you like (with an adjustment in total cost, of course). We can also quote the bass without the pickup and or bass bag, if you already have one (or don't need one) -- please contact us with any special substitution requests before ordering.

What is a "setup?"
Many basses purchased elsewhere come with a "factory set up", which means that while the strings and bridge have been installed, the bass has not been optimized for the player. Bridge and nut heights are often high, and those components, and the fingerboard, may require some work to make the bass truly playable for that particular bassist. Our "Ed" bass, as detailed above, comes fully optimized with comfortable action - ready to play as soon as it arrives! Our luthier partners carefully examine each instrument, and do all the setup work, so we can be certain that everyone gets the high-quality bass they expect and deserve. This setup service includes:

  • Planing the fingerboard (carving the appropriate "relief" into the board) for low action
  • Fitting a quality maple adjustable bridge
  • Shaping the nut for left-hand ease of play
  • Ensuring optimum soundpost placement
  • Playing each instrument to ensure maximum playability and sound

Where are they manufactured?
Our basses are made in a true musical instrument manufacturing facility in China. I emphasize the type of facility for a reason, because there are scores of "you spec it, we make it" factories in Asia (and that's where those $400 eBay basses come from). The basses are fully inspected and set up right here in the USA.

There is an understandable hesitation from some people to buy a bass made in China, but I just ask you to consider this: some people can be amazing craftsmen, and some people can make junk - but the soil they happen to be standing on as they do it doesn't necessarily have to be a contributing factor. The important thing to be aware of with foreign factories in any country is to ensure that you're dealing with a company with a reputation for excellent, consistent quality. The Estle Louis basses are truly wonderful basses, even before you factor in the great price. As you might expect from us (if you've shopped with us before), these basses are made by a reputable maker with very high quality control. If they weren't we would not put our name on them OR offer a 10 day trial period.

Why aren't they full size?
You'll find 3/4 to be the normal bass size; 4/4 is pretty unusual! See my FAQ on Bass Sizes, along with all the other Upright Bass FAQs we offer, under RESOURCES in the menu above.

Special Return Policy
To exhibit our confidence in these basses we will allow a ten day trial period (from receipt of bass) during which you may return the bass no questions asked. Contact us first; buyer is responsible for shipping both ways, and the bass must be in like new condition.

Basses are too large for regular UPS and FedEx delivery services, so they are shipped by freight truck. Sorry, I cannot ship these basses outside of the US and Canada at this time. Our costs for shipping a bass in the continental USA usually range between $250-$350, depending on location.

However, we ship these basses FREE in the continental USA. So you don't have to worry about it!

Basses are almost always IN STOCK and normally are shipped within 3-10 business days of order processing.

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8 Reviews

  • 5

    Beautiful Instrument

    Posted by Matt on May 8th 2022

    The pictures don't do it justice. Like everyone else said, it is shockingly high quality for the price. Highly recommended!

  • 5

    A steal for the price!!!

    Posted by Nathan Cregger on Jan 27th 2022

    Don’t be fooled by how affordable this bass is! I received mine a few weeks ago, and could not be happier! The sound is nice and booming, and it’s extremely playable straight out of the box (plus it’s gorgeous). I did a few simple adjustments on the bridge and now I’m ready to hit the stage! I highly recommend this bass for anyone looking for an all around quality bass for shows, recording, or touring.

  • 5

    Ed rockabilly bass

    Posted by Jason Parker on Sep 11th 2021

    I bought this bass almost a year ago. I mostly play bluegrass but am starting to play classical in a small town orchestra. Yeah, a hybrid or fully carved would be better but I feel this bass is a road warrior. It fills the room at our bluegrass jams. The real plus side of getting this bass is dealing with Gollihur. They are a great business and have always been very responsive and helpful.

  • 5

    Ed Bass

    Posted by R. Mike Brown on Mar 9th 2021

    This is a great bass. It’s beautiful, built like a tank, and sounds great. It amplifies very nicely and I really like the Evah Slap strings too. I opted for a KNA pickup instead of the full rockabilly system, I play mostly classic country and Western Swing and this bass will be perfect for that. The bridge, nut, saddle, and fingerboard are all high quality, and the overall build quality is very good. I don’t think you can beat this deal for the price on a brand new, already set up bass, especially with the free shipping! Thanks to Bob and Mark! Very happy with my bass.

  • 5

    Estle Louis Ed Rockabilly Bass Package

    Posted by Mark on Nov 13th 2020

    I'm very happy with it. A great value for the money.

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