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F. Simandl - New Method for the Double Bass

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If you ask, I will always suggest that you start your upright bass adventures by studying with an experienced and schooled teacher. The "Simandl Method" is a very common and well-respected methodology for learning the instrument (with a teacher), and this is the full method book, which features Etudes (which are short compositions for solo instrument, intended as exercises) as part of the program.

These etudes can be some of the most indispensable resources any double bassist will use in their study of the instrument. The etudes cover the technical growth necessary for mastery of the double bass, covering all aspects of performance technique, including: attack, bowing, mordents and trills, intonation, dexterity, legato/marcato, leaps, syncopation, cantilena playing, and more. They present a consistently challenging progression of material, while being full of musical interest.

This is the good old, highly acclaimed and very commonly used "orange book." This is Book 1, and it has both English and Japanese Text. Markings include bowings and fingerings, with 149 pages. 9x12". This edition includes additional playing notes by Lucas Drew.

Note: The Simandl method is not a beginner's "self-study" method, and this book is not designed to replace a teacher! This is, rather, a strong method book for students already studying with a teacher, or those with a solid lesson background looking for rehearsal material to "take their playing to the next level."

We also carry a set which includes some of the most popular etudes along with a payable piano accompaniment tracks, to make practice more enjoyable and interesting - check that out in the related products, below!

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