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Gollihur Music Knit Beanie Hat (aka Skullcap)

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  • Gollihur Music Beanie Hat/Skullcap, on child model
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  • Gollihur Music Beanie Hat/Skullcap, perched on upright bass headstock
  • Gollihur Music Beanie Hat/Skullcap, on male model
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Schwag with a little swagger.

This is a brand new addition to our fun wearables; the knit "beanie" is a popular type of hat nowadays, especially among those who go with the shorn head look. But there aren't too many choices out there that are bass-specific, so we decided to throw our hat into the ring, so to speak.

It's a knit cap, beanie-style, in plain black. One size fits all. Our logo is tastefully embroidered in pale gray (not white) thread, as not to be overly conspicuous under bright stage lights.

Wearing this hat at a gig could be somewhat dangerous; by "outing" yourself as the bass player, you're inevitably going to be the one that the soundman, club owner, and bartender will come to for questions (as the bass player is almost always the most likely to have the answers). But if you carry one of our bass bags, and happen to get separated from your bass, it will be easier for the authorities to pair you back up. (It's kind of like Garanimals! Remember them?)

As always, be prepared to encounter, "Hey, I guess you fish?"

Mark's daughter makes a great model for the hat - but check out that last photo of Mark, totally not pulling it off. He's probably a little too old (or not cool enough) to wear a hat like this, but don't tell him that.
(head not included)

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