Humi-Doctor - Miniature Humidity/Temp monitor

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  • Humi-Doctor - Miniature Humidity/Temp monitor
  • Humi-Doctor - Miniature Humidity/Temp monitor, on bridge
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You've got to keep your bass in a safe environment to protect it from issues, like popped seams, cracks, and other problems. Swings of humidity - both high and low - and rapid temperature changes can cause headaches with our delicate instruments.

With this handy little device, you can check the temperature and humidity level, where your bass is, quickly and easily. Simply attach it to the bridge using the built-in clip, or use the included velcro patch to mount on a music or bass stand, on the wall, or in your case. It instantly shows the current humidity and temperature.

You can also program in your desired humidity, and when it gets outside of that range, the display will flash to let you know that you need to move your instrument or adjust the humidity in the room.

For basses kept in the open air (not in their cases) those little "soak and hang" humidifiers don't do anything - if air can flow in and out of the bass freely, so can moisture - so that little rubber thingie is humidifying the whole room (and not very well.) For an internal perforated tube humidifier to be effective, you need to put the bass in a "closed environment" (like your case) to keep the moisture from escaping.

So you'll need a room humidifier, which you can get at your local department store. Lots of better ones, rather than being on all the time, have built-in humidity controls that turn it on and off (recommended). But having this little device will make it easier to double-check that you're keeping your bass safely in the right range, as many of those built-in hygrometers may not be as accurate.

A single "watch" battery (included) is required for the unit to work. The unit has very low power drain, and the battery should last six months or more.


  • Dimensions: 1.2” Diameter x 1.4” H
  • Weight: .4 oz
  • Humidity Range:20% - 95% (relative humidity);
  • Accuracy: ±5 points from humidity % shown
  • Temperature Range: -22°F - 122°F (-30°C - 50°C);
  • Accuracy: ±1%
  • Humidity Range: 30% - 70% in 5% steps
  • LCD Display
  • Power: CR2032 Coin Battery (included); Battery Life about 6 months
  • Mounting:Clip for guitar headpiece, or Velcro (included) to install in a case, etc.

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