Gollihur Music is Hiring! [Update - position filled]

Gollihur Music is Hiring! [Update - position filled]

[updated - this position has been filled!]

“Day Job” Available for Qualified Upright Bass Player


You know who we are, you're here on the page! So you know that we’re a well-known, leading upright bass online retailer who has been in business for over a quarter century. We specialize in the needs of the upright bassist – from strings, to bows, to pickups and electronics, to amps, sheet music, and the instruments themselves. We ship worldwide.


You’re a legitimate upright bassist in the Southern NJ region who needs a full-time job that is easy and flexible to work around for playing evening and weekend gigs, etc.


The job has primary responsibilities that mostly include:

  • Order fulfillment and shipping
    We have a well-established operation with automated processing, label-printing and so on. We work daily with the Post Office and UPS to get our packages out and in our customers’ hands quickly and efficiently. The person in this position will pull and pack those items, using their own logic skills to maximize cost/benefits of the various options, and careful, detail-oriented product picking and fulfillment.
  • Inventory awareness and management
    Keeping tabs on available inventory, gaining an understanding of our supply chain and how long some items take to acquire, evaluating sales trends for the various items we sell; all of these come into play for ensuring that we’re always well stocked.
  • Product knowledge and customer service
    Helping our customers solve their musical problems is something we’re famous for, and it’s a primary focus. Mostly on the telephone and by email, we evaluate their needs, and help them find the products (if applicable) that will provide them with the products that will do what they’re looking for.
  • Other duties as required

You need to be:

  • Detail-oriented
  • Reliable and accountable
  • Confident and well-spoken on the phone
  • Possessing strong writing skills
  • Engaged and customer-centric
  • Well-versed (and willing to learn more) in the technical/artistic aspects of the instrument
  • Local to the Southern NJ (Philadelphia suburb) area - this is not a telecommuting job

What makes this job great:

  • Competitive pay
  • Highly casual work atmosphere; dress code is “wear clothes”
  • Consistent weekday hours
  • Flexibility for working around gigs
  • Free coffee! Fridge, microwave, kitchenette available for lunch and snacks
  • Music-friendly work environment
  • Really “chill,” fun and appreciative customer base

If you are interested, please contact us ASAP. Looking to fill this position right away.

Feb 23rd 2023 Mark

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