Plain Unwound Gut Upright Bass Strings by Aquila

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We have several gut string options from several different manufacturers. Aquila's offerings, which are made in Italy, provide a great value and excellent playability.

Includes our exclusive Gollihur Music tipsheet to get the most out of your purchaseThese plain gut strings are recommended (by Aquila) to be used for both pizzicato and arco (plucking and bowing) and they come packaged together in a "high-string pair." We also provide the option to bundle them with Aquila's "Gold Springs" E and A strings, which are a synthetic core that pairs very well with the natural gut D and G.

Gut strings do require a little maintenance, it is advisable to gently clip any "hairs" (hair-like little strands of gut that that develop with play). You may also want to oil them (walnut oil, most pure vegetable oils can do, and we sell string oil, too) for the longest life, especially if you are in a dry climate or go through dry periods.

All of the various strings from Aquila are currently only offered as pairs; you can get the high strings (G & D) and/or the low strings (A & E) - and they have several string options for both, which can be mixed and matched. We've set up this page so that you can add the recommended synthetic E and A strings from Aquila if you wish - or just get the gut D&G separately, and combine them with other strings of your choosing (we sell most of our strings individually, so the options are pretty wide open!) That recommended pairing (for the gut D and G) strings is the "Gold Springs" E and A string pair, which features a synthetic core with a flat copper wire outer winding.

These gut strings run on the thin and light side, so if you're looking for an easy-playing natural gut string without windings, this may be an excellent option.

Audio Samples

(Samples recorded and provided by Aquila)

Plain Gut G pizzicato (plucked)
Plain Gut D pizzicato (plucked)
Gold Springs 22 Series A pizzicato (plucked)
Gold Springs 22 Series E pizzicato (plucked)
Plain Gut G arco (bowed)
Plain Gut D arco (bowed)
Gold Springs 22 Series A arco (bowed)
Gold Springs 22 Series E arco (bowed)

String Gauges

 G-1  2.20mm ( .086”)
 D-2  2.84mm (.111”)



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