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The Double Bass Book, by Jonas Lohse (English Edition)

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  • The Double Bass Book, by Jonas Lohse - front cover
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  • The Double Bass Book, by Jonas Lohse - forward by Rufus Reid
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  • The Double Bass Book, by Jonas Lohse - inside pages detail
  • The Double Bass Book, by Jonas Lohse - inside pages detail
  • The Double Bass Book, by Jonas Lohse (English Edition)
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The Double Bass Book is a comprehensive look at almost everything one would want to know about our instrument of choice. Over the course of the 240 pages, Mr. Lohse covers everything from the beginnings and continued evolution of the instrument, as well as detailed forays into subjects like strings, amplification, important players, optimization for sound and play, electric uprights, microphones, and much more.

Originally published in his native German in 2018, the book has been translated into English and released as an English version in 2021. The book is chock full of beautiful color photography throughout, with closeups and historic advertisement reproductions, charts, and other useful graphics.

This beautiful, hardcover book is an excellent resource for general knowledge of the instrument - and it makes for a wonderful gift for a bass player, or for purchasing for your own bookshelf.

Definitely a book worth having!

Mr. Lohse’s The Double Bass Book is a fantastic and most impressive labor of love with articulate precision. It will be a beautiful addition to any library. Thank you.“
Rufus Reid (jazz bassist/composer)

“The Double Bass Book provides the complete story of the Double Bass in jazz and classical music. Hundreds of photos, stories about the great players and luthiers, and in-depth research make this book a must-have for all bass players and music fans.”
John Goldsby (bassist Cologne Radio Big Band, author)

“A very nicely done hardcover book, printed on good paper and haptically, visually, graphically and in terms of content a pleasure, if you are interested in the great instrument with the low notes. (...) Many photos, illustrations and graphics give a detailed insight into the subject, and here even long-time professionals can certainly learn a lot about their instrument and its history. I had not expected that the topic offers so much.(...) Brilliant!”
Lothar Trampert (Gitarre & Bass Magazine, volume 1-2019)

”The book is terrific! Very informative and yet not only for specialists. Entertaining and serious. Just the right amount of information for someone like me who is only interested in bass building in a basic way and leaves the rest to the professionals.”
André Nendza (bassist)

“Jonas Lohse's carefully researched book is a real treasure trove, not only but especially for double bassists. The richly illustrated book is easy and fluent to read, even for non-specialists, and provides context without straying too far from the actual topic. Lohse explains without lecturing, and many of the photos encourage to listen to classical as well as current recordings, to focus on this deepest sound of the band as well as the orchestra, which drives, grounds, unfolds harmonic as well as rhythmic effects and always retains something dance-like.”
Wolfram Knauer (Jazzinstitut Darmstadt/Germany)

“This book is not just a technical book. It is much more than that and is written in such an exciting way that you will hardly want to put it down. At the same time, the most complicated procedures are simply explained and presented in a way that is easy to understand, even for a non-professional, with first-class photos and graphics. There is nothing comparable on the market about the double bass and Jonas Lohse has made a respectable masterpiece with this work.”
Giorgio Pianzola (bass luthier; Bern/Switzerland)

“In the double bass scene Jonas Lohse is a well-known personality. Now Jonas brings out a comprehensive overview of the double bass in a 220-page book. From the history of the double bass to details about construction and setup to info about important bassists, including nice anecdotes - every page is entertaining and offers a lot of new things even for experienced professionals. By the way, the fact that the graphic design has been realized extremely carefully and tastefully contributes significantly to the reading pleasure. The amazing selection of photos and historical images is also a testament to meticulous research work. This book is simply fun!”
Hervé Jeanne (Bass Professor Magazine, volume 5-2018)

“The composition of the individual topics is particularly successful, as there is actually something for everyone. Starting with a short introduction to the history of the instrument with its different tunings, shapes and sizes, one learns a lot of interesting facts about double bass construction and material. In addition, Lohse has made the book interesting for both amateurs and professionals as well as for classical and jazz players. In addition to an overview of the most important classical and jazz double basses, the book also contains information on the correct setup and sound improvement. A graphically appealing, informative work for all lovers of the double bass.”
Uli Schneider (European String Teachers Association’s magazine, volume 81/March 2019)


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