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5-string (High C)

  • 7710N BLACK Nylon Tape Wound Upright Bass Strings

    These strings are a favorite of jazz bassist Ron Carter, and are pretty popular for that and other reasons. They are metal rope core strings, surrounded by a black nylon wrap, for a smooth feel. According to LaBella, they were originally designed to...

    $33.50 - $187.00
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  • 7710T WHITE Nylon Tape Wound Upright Bass Strings

    7710T WHITE Nylon Tape Wound Upright Bass Strings

    These strings build upon the success of the longtime favorite 7710 Black Tape Wound (now called the 7710N) which were developed with the assistance of Ron Carter and Attila Zoller. For the new White tape 7710T, LaBella worked with Ron Carter and a number...

    $33.50 - $187.00
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  • Eudoxa Gut (Silver Flatwound) Upright Bass Strings

    These strings generate a lot of requests, and I can say that they are popular among jazz players who want a little more brightness and a smoother bowing surface out of their gut strings. A more "traditional" wound gut string would be the Olivs, also from...

    $160.00 - $766.99
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  • Evah Pirazzi Upright Bass Strings

    Evah Pirazzi Upright Bass Strings

    The Evah Pirazzi BASS strings created quite a stir and a lot of demand when they were released in 2007. They have a core made from a new synthetic fiber that Pirastro recently developed, wound with a polished chrome steel. Their sound has some similarity...

    $50.13 - $380.22
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  • Flexocor Deluxe Upright Bass Strings

    Flexocor Deluxe Upright Bass Strings

    The FLEXOCOR DELUXE Bass string is Pirastro's newest version of their Flexocor "rope core" string set. No, it's not made of rope - the carbon steel strands that make up the core of the string are wound in a rope-like pattern. The original Flexocor (still...

    $58.44 - $394.55
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  • Jargar Handmade Upright Bass Strings

    Jargar has been making strings for orchestral instruments by hand in Copenhagen, Denmark, since 1956. These strings share their general construction (steel rope core) with Corelli 370's, but they have a very different vibe, thanks to some additional...

    $32.25 - $213.00
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  • Jazzer MEDIUM Upright Bass Strings

    Jazzer MEDIUM Upright Bass Strings

    The Jazzer ropecore steel strings are recommended by Pirastro for pizzicato players, though they can also be a good hybrid string for players who gig many styles. I've not had the opportunity to play a set in quite a while, so I'll pass on their...

    $49.72 - $408.35
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  • Natural Gut Upright Bass Strings

    For many years, we have been happy to offer a quality set of gut strings that we can sell at a great price. The soft feel and organic sweetness of guts is both surprising and satisfying to the uninitiated. It seems that the manufacturing techinques for...

    $74.80 - $434.00
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  • Obligato Upright Bass Strings

    Obligato Upright Bass Strings

    Pirastro's popular Obligato strings have a solid synthetic core with a very thin metal wrap. They were designed to emulate gut strings, and they did a darn good job of creating such a string. Their attack is "old school" with that more blunt and thicker,...

    $46.95 - $365.67
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  • Spirocore standard package Spirocore Upright Bass Strings

    Spirocore Upright Bass Strings

    Spiros are an old favorite for jazz and other genres and has been a popular string for many years. They were one of the first decent metal strings to be adopted by strictly gut string players-- in fact, lots and lots of us played G & D guts and A...

    $54.25 - $336.49
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  • Superb RS4000 Double Bass Strings

    These strings have been made for decades; they have a nylon core, which is flatwound with nylon on the G and D strings, and with monel (a nickel alloy) on the A and E strings. The strings have a comfortable soft feel, with a lighter tension than most...

    $30.00 - $159.00
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  • SuperFlexible Upright Bass Strings

    SuperFlexible Upright Bass Strings

    Thomastik Superflexible Double Bass Orchestra (Medium) Double Bass Strings have a braided steel thread core. For most players, the Superflexible are a "smoother" sounding steel, rope core string than the very popular Spirocores. Recently, some...

    $43.75 - $261.24
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  • Supernil Upright Bass Strings

    Supernils are a bit of an oddity in the Upright Bass World... they do have a big and fat, boomy sound, which can be a bluegrasser's delight, but they have some unique characteristics - and as with anything unique, some people love them, some people don't...

    $24.00 - $89.00
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