Flexocor Deluxe Upright Bass Strings

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  • Flexocor Deluxe Upright Bass Strings
  • Flexocor Deluxe Upright Bass Strings
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The FLEXOCOR DELUXE Bass string is Pirastro's newest version of their Flexocor "rope core" string set. No, it's not made of rope - the carbon steel strands that make up the core of the string are wound in a rope-like pattern. The original Flexocor (still sold as "Original Flexocor") have a somewhat brilliant sound, whereas the standard "Flexocor" strings have a more traditional arco orchestral vibe; a little more tempered so they aren't so brash under the bow.

The Flexocor Deluxe seem to fall between the two extremes. Digging in for a solo passage, you can really bring out a clear, detailed tone - but with a more relaxed hand, big arco warmth is right under your fingers. It's kind of like getting "The Best of the Flex."

Pizz-wize, they have a solid, full-bodied fundamental, and an attack that has a nice defining "plunk" at the front of the note to help lock in the note and not sound "flubby." They are a darker choice, tonally, than many other steel-cored strings - even those with similar construction (like Superflexibles or Corelli 370s) - but that might be exactly in your wheelhouse. The pizz tone is actually not too far from what you get from the Evah Pirazzi (synthetic-core) strings, also made by Pirastro. But the Flexocor Deluxe features a steel core.

Who cares? You might! With a steel core, pitch stability is less of a concern; they'll be (and stay) up to pitch consistently with less of the "stretching in" time that synthetic-cored hybrid strings usually require. They also have less "roll" under the plucking fingers than a nylon core (Obligatos are famous for this). And the steel core makes them long-lasting, as well.

If you go by the numbers, tension-wise, they're comparable to Thomastik Spirocores - but with the more flexible core design, they have a softer, less stiff feel under the hands, making them feel lighter.

Compared to other similar strings, the tension on the D and G are a little lighter than average, with a beefier E and A. That may somewhat account for the ability to cross over from "full and dark" to "focused and brilliant" that Pirastro describes these strings to have.

Pirastro Says:

  • The core material is a high-tensile rope made from carbon steel which offers great flexibility
  • All strings are wound with chrome steel
  • Suitable for solo passages of orchestral performance, classical orchestral repertoire and pizzicato passages
  • A string which likes to be challenged to translate every minute impulse from bow or finger into brilliantly clear or voluminously dark sounds with lightning speed
  • Great wealth of tone colors: a brilliant and bright or a dark and big sound - everything is possible
  • Full resonance and unmatched projection
  • Outstandingly easy playability at all dynamic levels
  • Intonation: The strings offer the performer a perfect sense of control and security at all times.
  • Immediately playable and outstanding stability
  • Instantaneous response

All strings have red with white spiral thread at the tailpiece, and the following colors at the pegbox:

Standard Gauge:

  • G= .049 - brown
  • D= .061 - red
  • A= .080 - black
  • E&Ext E/C= .109 - green
  • Low B= .135 - yellow
  • High C= .041 - purple
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