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Do you need a durable alternative to more costly and problematic gut strings, for playing aggressive styles like rockabilly, or acoustic bluegrass - maybe even old-school jazz? Presto! I have your answer.

These strings have developed a cult-like following with many bassists over the last 2+ decades that we've carried them. Their design is what sets them apart, rather than a solid core or steel coating... well, how about I let them tell you about it:

"First is the inner core which is a braided ropewound cord consisting of steel and silk. Silk is the key to the low tension, gut like tones and the steel adds tuning and intonation stability while adding the ability to work with magnetic pickups. This cord is then tightly wrapped with a blend of non-ferrous and noble metals (copper, nickel, zinc, tungsten, etc.). Finally, they are wrapped with a specially shaped and ground polymer with no color additives giving Eurosonic’s a unique, almost translucent look. Eurosonic Bass Strings have a gauge that is comparable to many old gut strings (new gut strings are MUCH thicker as they have not yet stretched)."

Bottom line, they are a nice alternative to gut, and have a thick attack and less pronounced sustain than some other strings. Their Polyamide (what?!?) wrap, whatever that is (it's like nylon), makes for a gentle experience for both hands, and though bowing is far from great, it can be done in a pinch*.

If you play slap rockabilly, or prefer a very low tension string, choose the Ultralights. However, if you play classic jazz, or do a mix of all styles including slap, I'd recommend the Lights, as the Ultralight strings can be a little slack for normal clarity. The Mediums are a higher tension that may not be desirable given this string's basic design goal, but I also carry them for those that prefer a stiffer string with the vintage character of these unique strings.

Gauge G D A E
Ultra Light  .065 inches,

.088 inches,

.100 inches,
.130 inches,
Light  .069 inches,
.094 inches,
.110 inches,
.142 inches,
Medium  .075 inches,
.098 inches,
.122 inches,
.150 inches,

It's worth noting that these strings, despite their generally lighter tension, are thicker in diameter than most "regular" upright strings. This is due to their multi-layered construction of low-mass materials, and their Polyamide (like Perlon or Nylon) tape outer windings, which are thicker than steel tape windings. This means that some players may have to slightly widen the slots in the nut and/or bridge to properly accommodate these strings without binding or pinching. This is a normal, common thing, and if you have questions or concerns about doing so, let us know. Our (always included) stringing tip sheet has some tips and instructions should make it easy and clear.

Includes our exclusive Gollihur Music tipsheet to get the most out of your purchase* For bowing, we recommend that you gently scuff the bowing area with fine sandpaper, emery cloth, or very fine steel wool. To ease adhesion, you can apply rosin directly on the strings. You may need to experiment with a different grade/viscosity of rosin than you normally use, as well. Ultimately, these strings are kind of tough to bow well, but it can be done if you're resourceful. I've even heard from two different players that wrapping a piece of common invisible tape around the string where the bow contacts it can create a decent bowing surface - strange solution, but those players swore by it!

Silk Winding Color Codes:

  • Ultralight: yellow with red stripe at ball end, solid yellow with red band at headstock end
  • Light: yellow with aquamarine stripe at ball end, solid aquamarine at headstock end
  • Medium: yellow with black stripe at ball end, solid red with black band at headstock end
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11 Reviews

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    Eurosonic White tape bass strings light gauge

    Posted by Les Thompson on May 18th 2024

    I was skeptical in purchasing these string and for a long time had done research on changing out my spiracore strings. I had many conversations with fellow professional musicians and had a million different opinions on what was the best. Everything from a different manufacturer for each string to spiracore on the E and A and gut or sythetic gut on the D and G etc... One of my touring buddies told me about these Eurosonic lights and said for the price, give it a try and see what you think. I have to say I was a little worried that for lights, they were a larger gauge then my spiracores. I was concerned I was going to have an issue with them and would need to set up my bass to accomodate them. I had no issues at all and I could not believe how they handled. I am very impressed with how short a time it took me to adapte to the tension and the feel of these strings. I am extremly pleased with these string and have no intension of ever going back to my spiracore sets. There is one unknown that only time will tell. I travel with a Chadwick folding bass and I don't know how the strings will hold up to constant changes in tension from day to day while I am touring. If I can get 6 months out of a set and have to replace them, the price is low enought to not be an issue. It does take about 5 minutes longer for these strings to settle in once the bass is strung up but that is not a problem at all. I have a realist pickup and we use it for our monitoring and a mic for the FOH. I have found that the strings sound very good through the pickup and usually the FOH engineer uses both the pickup and the mic for the shows. As you can see, at this point, I am very pleased with these strings and how they feel and sound. I had to find an alternative to using spiracore strings since I have issues with my left arm and hands and needed a new direction in order to keep performing and touring. My name is Les Thompson and I am the founding member of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. I am currently touring with fellow founding member John McEuen along with Danny Knicely and Bryan McDowel. Hope this reveiw helps someone make a decision on these string.. I highly recomend them for anyone who needs a low tension but great sounding string. Oh yes, I was worried that they would feel like rubber bands and they don't. They have less finger tension but it does not take long to adapte. I don't have to work as hard with these to get the same results. Les

  • 5

    Holy Moley, jaw droppingly great

    Posted by Maggie on Jun 16th 2023

    Rich, booming, buttery sound. Yes! The mediums are loud. But it's Bluegrass Convention season, and now I'm armed for that darn 16 year old, 5 string banjo player with a year of lessons under his belt. "You won't ambush me this year, short stuff. I'm bringing everything I've got."

  • 5

    Two of My Basses Now Have Eurosonics!

    Posted by Alison Prochazka on Apr 5th 2023

    Five years ago I put these on my first bass. I just bought a second upright and got another set for it. They are smooth to the touch and sound great. Something that I feel is rather extraordinary is the price. Gollihur barely raised the price 10% in five years, and they were already a bargain!

  • 5

    Great Feel - Great Sound

    Posted by John Bond on Feb 16th 2023

    When I bought my first set of Eurosonic strings, I didn't listen to advice and bought the Medium strings. I had to drill out the slots in the tailpiece because the strings are so thick. Then I bought the Light gauge strings and have been very happy with them. I've never played gut strings, but I really like the feel of the Eurosonic. People are always telling me how good my bass sounds and I get really good volume from the strings.

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    Eurosonic Light Upright Bass Strings

    Posted by Todd Phillips on Jan 30th 2023

    Using the Krivo bass pickup w/Realist Piezo, K&K Stereo preamp and Eurosonic light strings. All mounted on a 1940 Kay. Playing in a rockabilly Elvis tribute band. The Eurosonic are fantastic for the Bill Black Rockabilly style.

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