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The Bass Bar - Compact 'Laydown Style' Double Bass Stand

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  • The Bass Bar - Compact 'Laydown Style' Double Bass Stand
  • The Bass Bar - Compact 'Laydown Style' Double Bass Stand, holding bass
  • The Bass Bar - Compact 'Laydown Style' Double Bass Stand, legs
  • The Bass Bar - Compact 'Laydown Style' Double Bass Stand, folded/apart
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  • The Bass Bar - Compact 'Laydown Style' Double Bass Stand, alternate view with bass
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Newly revised version is here!

The newest version of the Bass Bar is here. All of our stock is the new updated model, featuring upgraded neoprene on the bar, new packaging, and a new "safety rivet" to prevent over extending the tripod legs (a suggestion from me that was implemented by the manufacturer!)

Laydown, or "cradle" type stands, are becoming more popular. "The Bass Bar" is a newer entry into this growing trend, and the designer/maker of this stand has got it figured out.

The Bass Bar uses a common leg design - a strong, braced tripod - and places a simple, effective crossbar across the top. Wide enough to easily accommodate any size bass, it's quite easy to lay the bass down securely between sets - no little "cup" to aim the endpin into, no "arms" to reposition, no adjustments to make during setup. Easy-peasy!

Made of a sturdy steel, with rubber feet and endcaps, the cradle portion features a durable neoprene pad where the bass contacts the stand, to protect against damage to your instrument. The design is very stable - it doesn't rock or slide around during use. And yet, of all the stands I've ever tried, it folds up into the most compact travel size of any upright bass stand that I'd trust my own bass with.

It even comes with its own zippered carry pouch, which has internal dividers to keep the two disassembled components from dinging each other up. Now that's a nice touch.


  • Bar: 0.75 kg / 1.7 lbs
  • Tripod: 1.09 kg / 2.4 lbs
  • Total: 1.84 kg / 4 lbs

Dimensions Bar

  • Length: 42.5cm / 16.75 in
  • Depth: 3.2cm / 1.25 in
  • Height: 11.3cm / 4.5 in


  • Length: 42.2cm / 16.75 in
  • Width: 12.5cm / 5 in

Assembled adjustable height is between 45-50cm / between 17.75-19.75 in (approximate)

Special Offer

If your endpin extends more than 6-8" out of the bass when in playing position, the bass will probably "triangulate" on the endpin and two points on the stand. However, if you play the bass with the endpin not out that far, it's likely that the edges of your bass may contact the floor when placed on this stand. (See photo at right, which illustrates what I'm talking about.)

This may not bother you, but if it does, for just a small upcharge, we will include a pair of our durable rubber side bumpers, which you can apply to the contact point on the lower edge of your bass sides. These "stick on" bumpers will act as "feet" to protect the edges from any unwanted scratches or dinging. They'll also provide better "traction" on a slick floor, providing even more confidence that your bass ain't going anywhere.

We normally sell them in sets of four, to be "feet" for the bass when laid on its side edge - with the stand, you only would use two, so that's what we include.

You can check out the bumpers, which have long been popular for "laying the bass down," by searching for our Bass Edge Protectors

Another bonus item from Gollihur Music!


Your new stand is very stable without needing to extend the legs out to their maximum width; in fact, it’s not designed to have the width of the legs at their widest possible stance. Doing so can put extra strain on the rivets that hold the bracing bars in and cause them to fail (and the stand to possibly collapse).

The width of the legs in the first photo ("Correct") is very stable, and will hold your bass quite securely. The inner bracer bars should angle DOWN from the legs to the center pole; this enhances stability and strength and reduces “wobble.” Having the legs too wide will CAUSE wobble, which can strain the joints where the moving parts meet.

Bass Bar stand, proper usage

DO NOT open the legs as wide as the second photo (braces are “flat”), and DEFINITELY not as wide as the third (braces are angled UPWARDS).


You will break your stand.

Note: The newest version of the Bass Bar (released in 2024) has a special rivet in the post to prevent you from opening the legs too far.

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12 Reviews

  • 5
    Compact and it works

    Posted by J.B. on Dec 27th 2023

    I love that it comes with a small bag which I can carry in one hand. Takes almost no time to set up. The bass lies more diagonally than vertically, and seems very stable.

  • 5
    Laydown stand is stand up sucess.

    Posted by Bill Spink on Oct 5th 2023

    I felt good ordering this item after reading the reviews. Frankly, I feel better having it in hand and set up. Have not used it playing out, yet but is rock solid. I plan to using it switching between bass guitar an DB on at least some gigs (using a Morley A-B switch) and am 100% confident that will work very smoothly using this stand: no bending over to pick up the DB off the floor. As usual, great service from Gollihur, start to finish.

  • 5
    Fantastic stand. Exactly what I needed

    Posted by Chris Thomas on Mar 30th 2023

    I have used an Ingles stand for years that was always a pain to use at home as I have my endpin out 12" (6'5" tall). I was looking for a new stand and bought this at Mark's recommendation and couldn't be happier. Not only does it work well, it is so compact I will love using it on gigs. Thanks again for another great product, Mark!

  • 5
    Surprisingly great

    Posted by Gannon Phillips on Mar 19th 2023

    I wasn’t sure about the stability of this stand given its simplicity. It’s been fantastic though. Solid hold. Easy to pack in with you gear. A life saver on many gigs to save space when I need to leave my instrument behind for dinner or break. This is a must for every gig for me now.

  • 5
    Very Lightweight and Portable

    Posted by John Bond on Feb 16th 2023

    I have a folding upright bass stand at home. I'm 6'6" and like to keep my endpin extended out when I put my bass in the stand. It wouldn't fit. So I had to modify it by adding 2x6 boards onto the feet to raise it enough to compensate for my endpin. This made it heavier and more awkward to try and carry around. My wife gave me the Bass Bar and I love it. It's very small and lightweight and easy to carry around. When I lay my bass on it I don't have any worries about it falling over or being blown over by the wind. It works very well. When a friend saw it, he got one too and he loves it.

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