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BigShot i/o Deluxe A/B Switch

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  • BigShot i/o Deluxe A/B Switch
  • BigShot i/o Deluxe A/B Switch, input/output
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From the excellence of Radial Engineering, we have another device for doublers who don't require the sophistication of a true piezo-buffering preamp. This is the newest version of the BigShot i/o.

It's a heavy duty footswitch that allows you to switch between two instruments - and while it has fewer "bells and whistles" than a full-blown two-channel preamp, it's very well thought-out with some useful, gig-worthy features. Perfect for those who like to keep it simple - without compromising sound or quality. Because the i/o is 100% true-bypass, it addresses the needs of the most demanding purist.

This unit offers much more than a simple A/B input switcher, offering the following features:

Input A is straight through, so it may be best for your upright bass depending on your rig, especially if it is coming direct from your pickup and relying on the impedance of the preamp or amp. The BigShot i/o has no impedance value of its own, so whatever is plugged into Input A sees whatever is plugged into the output.

Input B may be best for an active instrument, especially if this second instrument has a higher output than the first. This is because of the ability to reduce the signal level to match the first input so one instrument is not louder than the other.


  • Select Footswitch toggles between Input A and Input B.

  • Mute Footswitch lets you kill the output signal to the amp when you are tuning or switching between instruments, a very useful feature. It does not cut the signal to the Tuner Output, so you can mute the out to your amp while tuning.

  • Input B Trim Level Control is a "volume knob" that reduces the volume of Input B, so you can match the volumes of two separate instruments for quick switching between them without diving for the volume control.

  • Bright Switch is a three position switch to adjust for high frequency loss (on Input B) when reducing the volume using the Dim Level control on a passive instrument. It has two different bright settings or can be turned off completely.

  • Trim Switch bypasses the Trim circuitry if it is not needed.
  • Tuner Mute Switch lets you choose whether to keep the tuner output active at all times, or only when you click the Mute Switch.

The BigShot i/o is made from 14-gauge steel that will provide years of use without flexing. This helps to protect the internal connections and reduces the potential for problems over time. The unit is 1¼ lbs. and about 3¾ inches square. It can be used passively (no power supply), or you can add a 9v power supply to activate the super bright LEDs for enhanced operation on dark stages.

TL;DR: Differences between BigShot i/O and a 2-channel preamp:
Both allow you to select between two instruments, but the BigShot is passive, while a true preamp for acoustic instruments employs Class-A buffering. The BigShot is for those who may prefer a direct signal path from instrument to amp; the preamp is designed for those who may need to run longer cables and those who insist upon completely silent switching and impedance buffering for tonal purity. The preamp will also have additional features (like EQ, effects loops, gain controls) and flexibility, and the BigShot is more affordable.

WARNING: Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm
According to California state law, if you are a resident of California, we
must notify you that this product contains chemicals known to the state
of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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