Gold Springs Classic Upright Bass Strings (Gut or Synthetic)

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The "Gold Springs" are a part of Aquila's "Modern Music Strings" lineup for upright basses. According to Mimmo at Aquila, the Vintage version of these strings is an exhaustively re-created version of the legendary gut core strings, covered with flat Nylon monofilament, that were used by Scott LaFaro, Charlie Haden and many others back in the day. You know, those strings that gave them a tone that was truly Golden thanks to their Spiral nylon windings.

The D and G strings are available in a couple of options, which we break down below. The E and A strings are called the "22 series" E and A, and are matched to the Golden Spring D and G and are the same with either set - they are synthetic core strings that are wound in flat copper wire.

The "Regular" version are an reformulated replica of those strings, substituting the gut core of the "Vintage" D and G with a synthetic core (a blend of two bioplastics and an elastomer, calibrated to match the sound of gut) covered with a flat nylon wire, following the exact measurements of the original samples of the strings they're designed to emulate. These are a less costly alternative to the gut version, which is even more accurate to the originals - and we also carry those!

These strings are exclusively recommended for pizzicato; they're not well-suited for arco due to their outer surface. Their color is beige, which has a gut-like look to it, especially from more than a couple feet away.

Note: Starting in early 2024, all the copperwound strings will be varnished (coated with a protective layer of varnish). This operation is done in order to preserve the copper from tarnishing and becoming brown. This is purely a aesthetic measure - despite having no complaints, Aquila is always looking to improve.

Aquila strings are made in Italy.

Audio Samples

(Samples recorded and provided by Aquila)

Gold Spring Synthetic G string, Pizzicato (plucked)
Gold Spring Synth D string, Pizzicato (plucked)
Gold Springs Vintage G string, Pizzicato (plucked)
Gold Springs Vintage D string, Pizzicato (plucked)
Gold Springs 22 Series A string, Pizzicato (plucked)
Gold Springs 22 Series E string, Pizzicato (plucked)
Gold Springs 22 Series A string, Arco (bowed)
Gold Springs 22 Series E string, Arco (bowed)


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We offer these strings in two different sets of four. The "Vintage" set has the real gut D and G, while the standard set has the synthetic D and G. The same synthetic "22 Series" E and A strings are included with either set.

You can also individually purchase the top and bottom strings as matched pairs (D/G or E/A). Why no single strings? Aquila are currently only offering their strings packaged as pairs; each individual string does not have its own packaging, and they do not approve of us "splitting up" the pairs at this time, as it would require us to remove them from their envelopes and repackaging them.

String Gauges/Tensions

 Synthetic G-1  2.35mm ( .092”) 21.9 kg / 48.29 lb
 Synthetic D-2  3.00mm (.118”) 21.1 kg / 46.53 lb
 Vintage (Gut) G-1  2.30mm ( .090”) 22.3 kg / 49.17 lb
 Vintage (Gut) D-2  2.95mm (.116”) 21.2 kg / 46.75 lb
 Synthetic/Copper A-3 (22 series)  2.23mm (.088") 24.5 kg / 54.02 lb
 Synthetic/Copper E-4
(22 series)
 2.60mm (.102") 23.6 kg / 52.04 lb



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4 Reviews

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    Gold Springs Synthetic

    Posted by Paul Loranger on Jul 18th 2024

    I did the E,A steel, D,G gut for years. I’ve switched to synthetics a couple of times but never liked the D,G. I’ve been looking at these and finally pulled the trigger. Sometimes I back jazz singers or singer songwriters and have a carved Juzek. However, I’m mostly a roots player. I have a German ply for that which is what i put these on. I really like the over all tone and feel of the strings, especially the synthetic D,G. I’ve had them on a month and they’ve settled in nicely. I just played three outdoor shows. The temp was in the 90sf and humidity in high 70s%. Brutal. The strings held up great. They didn't get sticky and stayed fairly stable. I’ve already recommended these to several players. One checked my bass out and definitely looking to get them.

  • 5

    Classic Charlie Haden sound

    Posted by Jack Byrnes on Oct 7th 2023

    Yesterday I went over to a guitarist friends' house and played him a charlie haden record with a bass intro and he thought I was the one playing! These bass strings feel great (I use the synthetic D &G). they do sound pretty bright from above them while playing, but Ive had other bassists play my bass and all that round low end projects beautifully. Hard to keep in tune the first 2 weeks, but worth it for the warmth of tone

  • 5

    Exactly the sound I’ve been searching for

    Posted by Sam Spheeris on Jul 17th 2023

    The perfect string if you’re going for that 60s Scott Lafaro/Mingus pizz bass sound. I’ve always found plain guts to be a bit too dark. The gold springs have just enough bite on top while retaining that deep punchy fundamental guts are known for. Acoustic-wise I would say they are just as loud as real gut as well. They also play comfortably like guts, Aquila did a fantastic job with the synthetic core. If you told me they were real gut core I would believe you. I currently have the D&G synthetic paired with spiro light E&A and they blend fairly well, although the tension matching is definitely something to get used to. The only downside is that it’s true these strings are completely unbowable. I play pizz exclusively so this isn’t a problem, but I have heard that the real gut version is much easier to bow if that’s a problem for you.

  • 5

    Golden Springs Synthetic G and D

    Posted by Steve LaSpina on Jun 27th 2023

    I played the golden spiro strings on my bass in the late 80’s and used them till stopped making them. These strings are the best and closest sound of the original strings. I have also tried the synthetic metal strings Aquila makes and highly recommend them if that is the sound you are looking for.

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