Heritage Upright Bass Strings

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Orchestral/Jazz Perlon Bass Strings
The Kolstein Heritage strings were designed by Kolstein Music, Inc. -- a well-known shop in New York with a long-standing reputation for excellence.

As is typical of a synthetic core string, they have a more flexible feel and a warmer tone than steel strings do. Those looking for a more "gut-like" vibe without totally going over to the dark side will probably appreciate their blunter attack and shorter sustain -- but they have good definition and a solid fundamental so you won't get "lost in the sauce" of a dense stage mix.

So what are the new Heritage Bass Strings all about? Three years of research and development with the highest attention to creating the first Perlon, synthetic core Bass String that offers the player the wonderful feel and tension of gut strings, but emulates the best arco and pizzicato tonal qualities of the finest steel orchestral or jazz string. Heritage offers the first string of its type to not only afford the player the best in jazz quality playing, but remarkably does not roll under the bow... thus creating an arco/orchestral quality string that can be utilized under the most demanding bowing requirements. To play on Heritage Bass Strings is to experience the vast quality of this string.

Just a brief note about the "D" string in the Heritage set. In order to make the sound and tension of the D-string match the rest of the set, the overall diameter (gauge) of the D is a bit "fat" compared to the rest of the set -- it appears nearly twice the size of the G, and is almost as big as the A string. THIS IS NORMAL -- don't sweat it -- and the playability from string to string is perfectly fine once they're on the bass. Just wanted to let you know, so you wouldn't suspect a mispack. :-)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review