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Innovation NEW OLD STOCK (Made in UK) Single Strings (Limited Qty)

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Innovation strings was started more than a decade ago in Wales, UK. The strings were handmade by Chris Locke and built up a very good reputation for quality and tone.

The American company GHS purchased the Innovation line a few years back, and moved production to the USA - even bringing over the winding machines and having Chris train their staff on how to make them. They are doing their very best to keep their newly made strings as "original" as possible, but with a different nylon supply and different hands doing the making, some minor variances from old strings to new are inevitable.

We have long offered most every string we sell in both set and single string formats; we break up the sets, for instance, if someone just needs a "G" string. This leaves us with random strings left over.

Since dedicated Innovation string players can feel/see/hear a difference between the "new" Innovation strings and the "old," we went through our Innovation singles box and picked out the remaining NOS (New, Old Stock) strings to be sold off as "clearance" items, rather than mixing them in with the newer GHS-supplied stock. So if you're looking for a random string or two to complete your set, or you just favor the original Wales-made strings, we have a handful of them available, as singles, and at a discount. These strings are in a very limited quantity, and once they're gone, they're gone. They are also not subject to any kind of return or warranty.

The strings we have are as follows (click link for a description of what the string is, on the current product page):


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Warranty Information

These strings are sold "as is" and do not include any type of warranty or return policy.
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