Lightweight Plastic Travel Case for NS Design Bass Instruments

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  • Lightweight Plastic Travel Case for NS Design Bass Instruments
  • Lightweight Plastic Travel Case for NS Design Bass Instruments, locks
  • Lightweight Plastic Travel Case for NS Design Bass Instruments, wheels
  • Lightweight Plastic Travel Case for NS Design Bass Instruments, sizing
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We've had a lot of requests for a case for the NS Design basses; even though NS Design does make an ATA-Rated flight case (originally for their CR model line, it also fits the WAV4 and NXT), it doesn't come cheap. We do sell that case as well, if you want the ultimate in protection; but if you're just looking for something that will protect your bass better than the gig bag - without spending a small fortune - there just wasn't anything out there to fill that need.

Includes our exclusive Gollihur Music tipsheet to get the most out of your purchaseThat is, until we found this cool case!

This great rolling case features a high-density plastic shell which perfectly and easily fits the bass and stand packed in its gig bag - without any "bouncing around" room inside the case. For extra security, there's a velcro strap fixed to the inside of the case which you can wrap around the neck to help minimize any jostling or shifting.

Mark researched and purchased this case himself for his own WAV4 bass, and now we offer it for you as well... check out the photo array at the bottom of the page for the "step-by-step" visual of how the case goes together to protect his own bass!

The case consists of two halves which slide together and lock in position using a wire case pin (included, shown to the left). Its length is adjustable up to 83" long, so you can even opt to add a little room inside the case to hold additional small items like preamps, cables, tuners, etc! The photo to the right shows Mark's personal case with his bass inside. The "BASS" sticker on the side is included (we include one with every order!) but it's not pre-installed, just in case you prefer to be more discreet.  It also now (August 2012) comes with a (formerly optional) PULL HANDLE which attaches to the front end and allows you to pull the case behind you like luggage.

This great case is designed to be lightweight while also being strong and durable. It has several convenient handles and mounting points for an optional shoulder strap (case does not come with one), and it can also be locked with a combination lock (available separately).

The case is custom-blow molded from high density polyethylene. It provides protection for your CR, OmniBass, NXT or WAV4 from bumps and scratches on the band bus, equipment van, or while going through train or airline check-ins*. A hard plastic shell - with your gig bag inside - offers lots more protection compared to the soft gig bag alone. The plastic surface material won't catch, pull or tear, and it is resilient to dings and bangs. There are no buckles, zips or permanently attached straps to get ripped, torn, or broken.

There's even a set of heavy duty rubber wheels on the bottom corner, allowing for easy rolling to and from the stage!

And a very cool thing about a case like this - it accommodates the gig bag, too. So, even when you use the hard case for long-distance travel, you also have the gig bag available -- for local gigging, you can easily leave the hard case in your hotel room, and just take the bass in its bag.

Just to clarify: this case does not have any padding built in; the padding to protect your bass will come from your existing NS gig bag (which comes with your NS Bass).

DIMENSIONS: 11"W x 6"H x (48" to 83")L
Weight: 12 pounds / 5.5 kg

  • Case is convertable length; 48" to 83" long. Room for accessories if you need it!
  • Features ergonomically designed handles.
  • Ball bearing rubber wheels make transporting your Bass a breeze.
  • Mount points for shoulder strap (not included).
  • Constructed of blow molded high density Polyethylene.
  • Lockable with optional padlock. Includes wire case pin.
  • Includes pull handle for top of case.
  • Five-year limited manufacturer's warranty

* Disclaimer: Please note that this case is not rated as ATA-Compliant for the purpose of carrying musical instruments; while we find it to provide perfectly suitable and confident protection for many gig and travel purposes, do not overestimate its ability to protect your bass from particularly overzealous baggage handlers. We believe that it would take considerable effort to damage your bass inside a gig bag that is inside a plastic case, but we cannot make any claims or warranty that your bass "cannot be broken" in this case - especially if you're not the one handling it. We'd also suggest providing a little extra padding (foam, old T-shirts, bubble wrap) in the top and bottom of the case for extra protection from end impacts if you expect rough handling. We include a sheet of tips and instructions along with the case.

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3 Reviews

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    Fits a Dean Contra bass

    Posted by Roman Glick on Nov 5th 2020

    I bought two of these for my Contra basses. Great fit. The pin used to secure the two sections, unfortunately, will need to be secured somehow. I see this piece getting lost pretty quickly. Other than that, great case.

  • 5
    I wish I'd gotten it sooner!

    Posted by Tony M on Sep 13th 2017

    Mark, I am very satisfied with the NXT4 Plastic travel case which I purchased from Gollihur. I wish I had done it sooner, it would have saved my bass a few small dents during tour! It's far better than just the soft bag, and delivers great protection without the extra cost and weight of the full ATA flight case. Great work on finding that solution, and for thoroughly vetting it for us, your fellow bassists!

  • 5
    Clever case!

    Posted by Tony R on Mar 21st 2010

    The plastic case (for my new NXT) is clever and I love that the soft case fits inside. It will make getting in and out of taxi's much easier. Once again, thank you for your help in getting this to me in time and relieving my stress level.

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