​  Eminence Basses... We Finally Have the News You've Been Waiting For.

​ Eminence Basses... We Finally Have the News You've Been Waiting For.

The Eminence Electric Upright Bass has been a favorite product at Gollihur Music for decades; since Bob first discovered the bass we've been very strong supporters of it (and the wonderful Gary and Karen Bartig of G. Edward Lutherie). As one of the few acoustically "true" electric upright basses (EUBs), we've been proud to be the top US dealer for Eminence Basses for many years.

The worldwide supply chain issues that have plagued most manufacturing and retail operations have also severely affected the availability of the Eminence. Even the limited number of instruments that were already manufactured became difficult - or impossible - to have shipped from Asia to America. As such, there have been no new Eminence basses available in the USA since at least the summer of 2021.

These ongoing issues, and Gary's desire to scale back his instrument production to focus on his Dahlia and London 5-string amplified acoustic violins, has meant that G. Edward Lutherie has made the decision to discontinue the manufacture or distribution of the Eminence bass.


As a longtime friend and business partner, Gollihur Music will be proud to continue the fine legacy of this great product. The Bartigs and Mark Gollihur have come to an agreement for Gollihur Music to assume full ownership rights to the Eminence bass product line ; this includes the exclusive right to manufacture and distribute the instrument; the worldwide trademarks for the name; existing stock of parts and accessories, the web presence; and so on.

We've agreed in principle that Gollihur Music will manage the manufacture and Distribution of the Eminence Bass, becoming the exclusive seller of the Eminence bass in the USA (and worldwide.)

We're already working on new prototypes for the bass, and we do have some plans to make the bass an even better value.

  • Our intent (subject to revision) is to streamline the model count to three distinct models: a right-handed 4-string, a right-handed 5-string, and a left-handed 4-string - all with removable necks. The fixed-neck models will be discontinued, but don't worry: our plan is for the new removable neck models to have lower retail pricing than the previously available fixed neck models! So you'll get more bass for less money .
  • The basses will still arrive to you fully set up (by a luthier) and ready-to-play.
  • They'll still be travel-ready, with a removable neck and a low-profile hard case for travel. (But they'll still have a gig bag, too, so if you only use it locally and never take the neck off, it's no biggie!)

We are in the early stages of transitioning the Eminence Bass assets to Gollihur Music, and we are working on some of the finer points of manufacturing and shipping. It will still be several months before we can start taking orders for the new generation of Eminence basses. But Gary and Karen chose Gollihur Music to continue their legacy with the Eminence bass, and we're honored - and we are taking it very seriously.

We look forward to bringing a new generation of these fine electric upright basses to our customers!

Apr 21st 2022 Mark

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