Even newer update to the website

So, we were excited to completely overhaul the website on July 1 of this year. It involved completely re-creating the back end and admin, making a greatly improved shopping cart, and much more behind the scenes and under the hood. But we did it, and debuted a new look and feel for the site.

The design we unveiled was never quite exactly what I was shooting for, though. So I've been doing additional work since then to bring the site more in line with what we've historically offered, and yet brought into a more modern, usable website that works on all devices.

And with that said, we pull back the curtain on the "Mark II" design for the new website. We've gone back to some more familiar navigation, with a category list back on the right where we'd gotten used to seeing it. And the search window is up in the upper right, where it used to be. Everything is familiar, yet modernized. I like it.

I hope you're able to find everything you're looking for - if you have comments or questions about the new site, please let us know!

Sep 9th 2020 Mark