Finding the Right Questions to Answer

Finding the Right Questions to Answer

"Pickup? Microphone? Which One Should I Get?"

That's a question that comes up occasionally, by email or phone call. And when a customer asked me by email a couple years ago, I looked at the extensive treatise I'd written as a response... and realized that I'd just created another new FAQ for the Gollihur Music website.

So I tightened it up and put it online. I figure, if ONE person was asking about it, there were probably lots of others who would benefit from the information I'd just painstakingly typed up (and I'm a self-taught typist, so that's no small thing for me.)

This is exactly how we commonly come up with new material for our helpful Resources. Sometimes it's hard to know what answers to provide, until someone actually asks the questions. So by all means, don't hesitate to keep asking them! We're here to help.

We really want our website to be tops on your list of useful sources of quality, unbiased information for the upright bassist. So I hope that our resources have been of help to you at some time or another, and continue to be so. And, your continued support of our web store, by making purchases (and telling your friends about us) is the best way to thank us for these efforts.

And as always, if you go looking for something on our site, and you don't find it, please let us know.

Jul 28th 2021 Mark