Summer Festival Season is Here

Summer Festival Season is Here

Well, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, it is. And, with COVID-19 still a factor, things are still a bit weird.

But with summer often comes opportunities to play at festivals, gatherings, and other fun events. Some of these gigs might put you in the uncomfortable position of having to create more volume than your acoustic instrument can produce. Uncomfortable, because we bassists often find that the upright can be a rather difficult instrument to amplify.

We can help! Amps, pickups and preamps are kind of our specialty; we've been supplying them to bassists worldwide since 1997. In fact, we've even helped develop them -- our own Bob Gollihur designed the ORIGINAL, popular Bass Master Rockabilly System for K&K Sound some 20+ years ago. And we've regularly tested prototypes and helped conceive new features for lots of our manufacturers over the years.

So don't hesitate to use us for our experience ! We're here for you -- you don't have to guess what each pickup sounds like, or how "handy" you have to be to install it; we can tell you. We have a big selection, but we also have a pretty good handle on what works for specific basses and specific needs, as well as the pros and cons of each option. So we can quickly narrow our myriad choices down, and help you get louder, better.

As for amps, If you're looking for that super light-weight combo for reinforcing your acoustic sound, we've got a some great options for you -- for instance, an affordable find in the versatile Traynor SB110, which has been defying expectations of double bass players everywhere for several years now. (We also stock the larger SB112 model, if you need even more "oomph!") We've also got a bunch of great options from Genzler Amplification, from small to large. And if you're just looking to interface with the house system, we've got a couple wonderful preamplifiers from Fishman, Headway, Radial Engineering, and Grace Design -- they all pack transparent sound and lots of useful features into a small, affordable package.

Whatever you do this summer with your bass, have fun. And don't forget, a double bass can be susceptible to "wackiness" due to temperature and humidity fluctuations. Mind the weather, and do yourself a favor and try not to leave that bass out in the sun!

Jun 21st 2021 Mark