Uniting the "Nation of Bass"

Uniting the "Nation of Bass"

I'm quite lucky, in that I really love what I do. Every day, I have the opportunity to speak with bassists from all around the world, and do my best to help them solve their bass-related concerns. And I'm able to provide a wide variety of products from manufacturers who are situated all over the planet, as well. That's kind of cool, if you think about it.

It made me realize that there was more to the whole "Nation of Bass" phrase that Bob coined so many years ago, to describe our (now ubiquitous) BASS Oval sticker that goes out with every order (we have magnets, too!). Stores like ours can really connect people -- in one corner of the world -- with their solutions, which might be manufactured in another corner of the world. It's why we go through the trouble to import various items from Europe, Asia, and many other parts of the world... sometimes, exclusively.

And it's a real privilege to be the liaison for that sort of problem-solving for you.

I hope you've found it interesting to see some of the bass items that we are able to bring to you, from a host of other countries around the globe. And that you can appreciate just what a "global village" it is that we live in -- and know that we're happy to make it just a little smaller, by discovering (and bringing together) some of these great bass products for you.

Jul 13th 2021 Mark