​Welcome to Version 4.0 of the Gollihur Music website!

We've finally managed to make it happen.

Our website had been getting a bit "long in the tooth" lately, as it was designed some 13 years ago. Our shopping cart was a little kludgy, our design didn't play well with mobile devices, and it was just time for a refresh.

We've been continuously on the web since 1997 (that's 23 years, now!) and started with a humble 1-2 page website with basic functionality. We graduated to a better site around 5 years later, and then to our most recent one - which we outsourced to a programmer friend - a few years later. While we continuously updated the engine of that site for security and compatibility, we knew it would be a Herculean task to completely overhaul it, with all the content, thousands of products, and the complexities of providing the purchasing options we wanted to provide.

With the global COVID-19 pandemic slowing things down, business-wise, we decided to look at it as an opportunity to make the change. Making lemonade out of the lemons we were given, we used our newfound free time wisely, and spent months re-creating our content (we don't want to lose that, we just want to make it easier to use!) and assembling the tools to provide the best customer experience we can. 

We hope we've succeeded in that task! Note that our new site provides pretty much everything we had before - our resources are still here - and maybe even easier to find. The only resource we've removed is the classified ads - they were generally underused, and with so many existing venues out there for selling used gear online, the security concerns didn't really justify us re-creating it here.

But we also have added new ways to pay, and vastly improved the ones we already had. We now have PayPal Express Checkout. Chase Pay, and Google Pay. We hope to soon add even more options (we're researching Apple Pay and Affirm, among a few others.)

Our checkout is MUCH smoother and friction-free - and our shipping system is simplified (most US orders are simply going to ship free, while orders outside the USA will have accurate quotes for shipping costs, based on package weight and size and real-time rates).

We've imported the user accounts for customers who have purchased from us in the last 13 years, and we're currently working to import a copy of your order histories as well (they will be available in your account in a few weeks, if all goes as planned.) 

The first time you log into this new site, you'll probably need to create a new password - your old one will no longer work (security concerns prevented importing passwords) so a random temporary password was created to protect your account. You can log in by using the "forgot my password" tool. 

We hope you are (almost) as excited about the new site as we are! Please, if you find anything amiss - product descriptions with funky formatting, technical issues, etc. - let us know by dropping us a quick email (Contact Us is in the toolbar at the top of the screen).

As always, thanks for being here! 

Mark and Sam

Jul 1st 2020 Mark

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