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Gollihur Upright Bass Bag 3/4 and 1/2 size

         Manufactured by: Gollihur Music

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This bag has been an enduringly popular product since we introduced it over 15 years ago. It's a reasonably-priced, yet gig-worthy bag. Its design reflects the sort of features people want - sturdy zippers, plenty of pockets, easy on/off, and protective padding that isn't bulky - and doesn't clutter it up or add cost with lots of stuff you don't need. It's roomy (click here for internal dimensions of both the 3/4 and 1/2 size cases), it's well-padded, and it's a great price!

One of my most important criteria for a bass bag, aside from the obvious protection and price, is how easy it is to get on and off. I don't feel like having a wrestling match with a bag with one hand while trying to keep the bass steady with the other. These bags have zippers on both sides of the bag -- one that goes from the endpin to within a few inches of the top, and the other that just about opens to the top of the lower bout of the bass. As you see from the photos, this bag opens w-i-d-e, ready to swallow your bass without the aggravation other cases have caused me in the past. Bob's old Kay bass is inside the case(s) in the photo to the right - it fits it like a glove! Click on the image below the Features List to see detailed measurements of the 3/4 and 1/2 size cases.

    A few words about the padding used in this case

    A lot of bags tout "thick padding" as a selling point in their bags. Many of those pillowy bags are very nice, and I'm sure that they do a perfectly good job protecting the bass. But I thought it might be helpful to point out that "thicker" padding isn't necessarily "better" padding.

    Here's why: There are two primary types of "cushiony" foam: Open-Cell and Closed-Cell. A common example of closed-cell foam is a mousepad, or a neoprene wetsuit. Open cell foam, as is often used in a product like a flexible bag, is like the poly-fill you buy at the fabric store to fill pillows.

    Why does that matter? Are you sitting at a computer? Move your mouse out of the way, and rap your knuckles, hard, on your mousepad. Now, imagine doing that through a 2" pile of the stuffing pictured at the right. I don't know about you, but I know which one will protect my knuckles better!

    And that same concept works with protecting your bass, like when you bump the doorway bringing the bass inside - the closed-cell foam rebounds rather than absorbs. It's also why your new flatscreen TV came boxed with protective bumpers of closed-cell foam, rather than stuffing pulled out of a pillow - the box would have to be a LOT bigger to have enough pillow-fill to provide the same protection.

    So it provides the same, or better, protection -- with much less bulk. It doesn't shift around, which could leave some spots with less protection (like your pillow does when it needs to be fluffed!) And it has the added benefit of being lightweight, which is a very valuable thing to have in a bag.

    And, of course, there is a thin layer of the softer stuff against the bass itself to provide a buffer to protect the finish from scratches and such.

    TL;DR: Though you might be skeptical of the "thin-ness" of the padding in our case - it's actually to your benefit; you get all the protection with less bulk.
  • High density, closed-cell foam padding that is nicely firm, not floppy, and sealed within the fabric of the case; the two complementary foam layers consist of a "cushy" layer for soft, scratch-free protection and a "stiff" layer to provide real damage protection and rigidity. See sidebar for more information.

  • FIVE double stitched handles for easy maneuvering, carrying and transporting - a heavily reinforced double suitcase style on the side for both vertical and horizontal carrying, plus an adjustable length lower bout handle so you can set it for your reach length*. Plus, this case adds a trio of what I like to call "wrangling" handles; one down near the endpin, a vertical grab type on the side and one up above the front pocket - these handles give you more handholds when you're trying to maneuver your bass into a small car or through a doorway. The latest version of the case adds a second suitcase-style handle on the other side.

  • Monster sized, self-healing zippers on both sides and all pockets. Smooth, luggage grade zippers provide long and trouble-free service. Main zipper is on your right side, when facing the bag. A second zipper on your left comes partway up the lower bout to allow easy on/off.

  • "No stress" zipper stops at the end pin avoids "zipper-strip" and ensures a long life. Plenty of room for your endpin to support the instrument in transit, and it is accessible if you use a bass wheel.

  • Large padded bridge protector with our International BASS logo.

  • One bow pocket on the front. The bow pocket has been lengthened to 31 inches to accommodate longer bows. It does not "expand" and is not deep enough for most bow cases; it's designed only to hold a bow. We recommend putting a piece of stiff cardboard or plastic in the pocket to provide protection, if using with a wood bow.

  • Three accessory compartments on the back, including a string package-sized at the pegbox, plus one pocket on the front in the traditional position.

  • A pair of Metal D-rings (one on each side, near the upper bout) to help secure/carry the instrument. (See detail photos for closeups of the rings). Some owners have attached straps of their own (strap not included) to these anchor points for helping to support the bag when carrying it - but keep in mind that they are bent D-rings and care should be exercised when supporting the bass on a strap. ALWAYS keep an arm wrapped around the bass in case your strap slips off your shoulder or a component fails. The strap points are NOT a substitute for a properly engineered backpack system.

  • Rich lining with finished seams -- no rough edges to rub your bass the wrong way.

  • Durable Cordura style, heavy duty material outer shell, not that lightweight nylon fabric - and it's available in either black or in a very tasteful hunter green, adding a touch of class and individuality.

  • In spite of the many features, this bag weighs a mere 6.8 lbs!

  • Click for larger version of this graphic!Custom-embroidered "Bass" emblem - when the inevitable comedian sees you walking with the bass and asks, "is that a cello?" you can point to it and give them the appropriate look of disdain. Click on the image at right for a close-up. You'll also receive a matching BASS Oval sticker (see left column) with your order!

Will it fit your bass? Click on the middle image below "...detailed diagram of the 3/4 and 1/2 size case's measurements." and compare the numbers to your instrument. And we know that the 3/4 bag fits well on all the 3/4 sized, four-string Estle Louis basses we sell, as well as all 3/4 sized Kay and Engelhardt basses. It fits almost all of the most common "factory" basses, as well. The 1/2 size bag fits our Estle Louis 1/2 size basses, and should fit most common 1/2 size instruments.
Click for larger version of this graphic!
Click for a closeup of the padding - 20mm dual-layer to protect your valuable instrument!
Click for larger version of this graphic!
Click for a detailed diagram of this case's measurements.

Is the bag "Waterproof?" I get asked this pretty regularly. I can say this: the outer fabric of the bag is water "resistant" as provided, but that's not the whole story. I've heard of people treating the bag's fabric with Scotch-Guard or similar. However, I'd never consider such a bag to be fully waterproof as there are zippers and other places where water can permeate. So I'd never advocate leaving it in the rain, or traveling with the bass in an open pickup bed during a storm. But it should protect the instrument when carrying it from your car to the venue/house when it's pouring out.

* Important Note about the design of certain handles on this bag:
This bag has been designed and refined over 15 years, and for most customers provides confident, long-lasting protection. However, it is made mostly of fabric and thread (like other gig bags) and some thoughtful "care and feeding" - and appropriate use - will substantially increase the product's lifespan (and your satisfaction).

We will send you a printed copy of our specific instructions to ensure you understand all that you need to know about our bag, and you can click that link you just passed to check it out in PDF format. Specifically, check out the information about the use of particular handles on the bag - some are meant for carrying, others are meant for "wrangling" - and using certain handles counter to their design can result in damage to the bag. So please check it out! We WANT you to be happy. :)

Is this product returnable? Click here for our return policy.
Is there a Factory Warranty? Click here to find Warranty Information for all of our manufacturers.
International customer? Click here for important information about ordering from outside the USA, and what to expect concerning taxes, VAT, delivery times, and more.

Additional Photos of this Product

Simply "mouse over" the small thumbnail image to see the full-sized version.

Check Out the FAQ Resources That Apply to This Product:
   BASSES: Transporting your Double Bass

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Some of our customers have told us what they think about this product.
Check out what they had to say!
Excellent website! It feels good to purchase from someone experienced with the products who can personally endorse them, and who takes the time to provide all the information you could ask for! I found out about your website through fellow bluegrassers, and my husband (he's the bass player, I play mandolin) absolutely loves the bass bag and bow I purchased from you. He's getting a new fingerboard for his birthday! If only I could find a site like this for mandolin...
I just got my new bass bag last week, and it's a beauty! I've been using an old, unpadded canvas bag since I got my bass almost 30 years ago now. This new bag is so well padded, nice to handle and appears to be so durable that I think I'll just ride my bass to the gigs and leave my car at home!

I hope these strings sound as good as I expect from the reviews I've seen on them. I'm looking for the Paul Chambers, Doug Watkins sound - lots of fat bottom and nice round tone!

Anyway, you do a great job of keeping the bass community supplied with good products at fair prices. Keep up the good work. Some day I will be ordering a Euphonic Audio i800 combo from you. Take care...
I put the Pirastro Obligato strings on the Swingmaster and had a luthier I found on your site lower the bridge and nut. It has a much nicer tone and plays easier. The stand is a real good idea, it really does result in more time playing. The bass bag is nice and heavy duty. The website is a real help. I appreciate the way you guys do business. Good products at a good price. I also appreciate your input and insight, on the various products that are available.
I recieved my new Custom Upright bass bag, symphony grade a couple weeks ago. Thank you!! I am VERY pleased with the bag, and trust me I researched them all over the web for a long time before deciding on this one, and was prepared to spend a lot more money too. It is a very secure, well padded fit; love all the handles. I ended up snapping a gym-bag shoulder strap to the D-rings on the case and can carry it on my back (barely, as I'm only 5 foot tall!) so I get around with it a lot faster these days. Feel free to post my comments on your website.
HI Mark

just wanted to say thanks for the great product. I've been playing rockabilly and double bass since I was about 14 (and am now 40) and wish this set up had been around then... it would have made life so much easier!!!

It arrived the other day and last night I set it up. The sound is brilliant... so nice to have the slap control, and tonight I'll be testing it out properly in rehearsals ready for the weekend. The case you sent too is top quality and a great price...

The products are ace though, even with Mr.Blair steeling some extra cash off me (by way of VAT taxes) ;-)

thanks for your professional service and product... I'll be recommending it to the rest of the uk 'crew' ;-) - Cheers!
I received my order today and I am very pleased with the bass bag that i purchased, it is every bit what you advertised it to be and I am extremely satisfied with it and I will definetly look to your website in the future for any future needs that I might have to purchase for my bass.
Jeremy N
As an amateur bass player (bluegrass mostly, I really appreciated the informative article and recommendation for a pickup. I have purchased a Bass Max pick-up and your BASS bass bag and am very satisfied.
Paul J
I received last month a fine bow, Ingles stand, and Gollihur bag. All excellent products. The bow sounds wonderful, the bag is very nice, and the stand works well. In fact, I really appreciate your comments on your web page comparing the Ingles to the MBS. I liked the rigidity of the MBS, but it is fantastic to grab it out of the stand and play (my endpin is extended about 9"). This is invaluable at a gig which requires me to switch between electric and upright quickly.
Grant N
#1- You are the ONLY person on the WORLD that has e-mailed me back within minutes. I can't get an answer that quick by sticking my head out the window and yelling.
#2- All the help was OUTSTANDING! I'm glad someone still helps goofy people, of which I am one.
#3- The bag is SUPER! I have seen sleeping bags not nearly as nice as this and it is a STEAL for the money. I still can't believe it. And it got here so fast! WOW!
#4- From now on I will deal exclusively with you and try and forget there are other shops out there. Duh- forgetting, forgetting--.
Thanks loads Mark. You were a really big help... You have gained an ally and a loyal customer.
Lewis M
I bought a Gollihur Bass bag, Ingles stand, and a set of bridge adjuster wheels. You have provided the best online shopping experience I've ever had. The Gollihur bag is great!!! It is the easiest I've ever used... it's easy to load the bass in my little truck with all of the extra handles and I use the little "D" rings and a couple of straps to hold it in place. Putting the bass in and out of the bag is super-convenient as well. The Ingles stand is like a giant super-strong guitar stand. I've never used this type of stand before, but it holds my bass very well and is built like a tank. It folds away nicely and sets-up easily. The wide range of adjustments means lots of "trying" to get it to fit the first time, so marking the adjustments with a Sharpie will ease set-up time. Thank you for your research in finding useful products for bassists and I will continue to order from your company exclusively. Expect an order for some pickups and another bag for my new ES-9...
Brett W
I received my new bass bag Tuesday, and took it to its gig first yesterday. I'm very pleased. The bag fits my bass like a glove, and looks great.

I've had trouble finding the perfect bag for my instrument, which is larger than most 3/4 size basses (the upper bout is 22"). I've had to send one bag back to the store, and ruined the zipper on another. But not this one.

Great product and great service!-- five stars for both! I especially appreciate you providing the bag's inside measurements on your website. That helped me order with more confidence. Thanks.
David G
This is the most AWESOME bass bag I have ever seen for the price. It's like ones that you'd pay hundreds of dollars for anywhere else.
Good job, guys.
Molly M
I meant to write back sooner... I'm not in the habit of sending these types of messages, but your service was exceptional and I wanted to say "thanks!" I placed my order after lunch on a Thursday and received an immediate email confirmation. Within the hour another email arrived saying my new bass bag had shipped! It arrived the following Tuesday. And all of this with free shipping...

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this cover. I think it will last much longer than any other I've owned - it's sturdy and well padded. I ordered the green thinking that it would be like no other in my neck of the woods. This may not hold true for long because the first time I carried it out two players I know copied down the web address to order one of their own! I highly recommend you folks!
Robert S (June 2010)
Bag arrived... I like it, lots of handles make it easy to handle in all situations, and it looks solid. It has been put to use already. Worth waiting for. Thanks.
Eilif J. (September 2010)
G'day!! I hope you all well, I thought that I drop a line about my recent order! It arrived on my doorstep this morning and after I put my bass in it I have realised that for the price it is indeed the best looking, well padded beautiful case!! Some of my friends paid over 400$ for various types and brand bags but your case is fantastic! Fits my bass so well! Thank you!
Anti B (Oct 2010)
My new bass bag from you is great quality. Everthing I have bought from you from amps to pickups and tuners has delivered the results you advertised. You talk the talk and walk the walk. Great job guys!
Terry M. (July 2011)
Just wanted you to know, my husband is a string bass player. Mostly he plays bluegrass, old time, some country, folk-a mix. I bought him the bass gig bag for his birthday a couple months ago -- He loves it. It replaced a 30 year old case covered in duct tape with only one handle that sometimes ripped off. Thanks for a great product.
D.J. (September 2013)
I wanted write you and thank you for my Gollihur Upright Bass Bag 3/4 size in forest green. Not only is it a well padded and well made bag but the color is terrific. The shell with its black webbing adds little extra strength at the seams and makes it have a great look as well. Thanks for this great bag for my prized bass!
Mark R (November 2013)
The Bass Buggy is genius. And the bass case is beautiful, well made, and arrived incredibly fast. Thanks!
Eva M. (April 2016)
Hi Mark, Got your "Tips" letter today on how to care for my new bass bag (which arrived yesterday). I've always been pleased with the special attention you give customers, like these tips, and I wanted to let you know it is appreciated. Thanks! You might want to add to that first paragraph, "But the very best way to 'carry' your bass is with a Bass Buggie." I purchased one from you back in 2012 and absolutely love it. Use it all the time. I get a lot of positive inquiries about it. When I do, I direct them to your web site. The only 'negative' comments I get are directed at me ... "You too old to lift that thing?" To which I reply, "With age comes wisdom." Thanks again for your great service!
Bob A (December 2016)
Hi Mark: Received bass bag today. FANTASTIC! I was looking for a bag with no wheels or back strap. I’m a 35 year professional and this is the best value in a bag I’ve ever seen! Great material, great padding, great stitching, lightweight and excellent pockets. Thank you!!!
Larry H (October 2017)
Hi Mark, You'll be happy to know this is a very positive contact regarding the gig bag I purchased from Gollihur. (in fact, you took my order on the telephone). I've searched your site for a location to comment about my very favorable experience with my purchase, in order to enlighten other shopper prospects but have no luck finding such a commentary space. Here for you I can affirm my high satisfaction with its design and likely durability. As it replaced a 70+ year old, threadbare but functional cover, needless to say I am thrilled by the added protection and functionality of your bag. The handle design makes for easy schlepping of my 40s Juzek in and out of a Volkswagen Golf hatchback. Thanks, Mark!!
Mike B (April 2018)
Recently ordered the Gollihur Upright Bass Bag 3/4 size GREEN for my daughter's bass. This bag is wonderful! The bag fits like a glove on a 3/4 Shen SB80. The bag has tons of pockets on the front and back and also has handles everywhere you need them. The padding is thick, but not so thick that it becomes bulky. The zippers are nice and heavy duty. The green is a beautiful 'hunter' green and my daughter adores it.
George C. (September 2018)
I just wanted to let you now that man, that's a whole lot of gig bag for 160 bucks! Very impressed with the construction quality and the materials involved. I had to repair/rebuild a like new Englehardt that someone rescued... This gig bag fit it like a glove.
Karl H (December 2018)
I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for helping me to get a great sound from my string bass. I wanted to play my Englelhardt string bass with a 7 piece swing band that included trumpet, sax, trombone, guitar, drums, bass and vocals, but could never seem to get a great, or even good, amplified sound. After explaining the loud environment in which I played, Gollihur recommended, and I purchased, a Krivo magnetic pickup and a preamp to replace the electronics in my Palatino Electric string bass. It sounded pretty decent and was a huge improvement. I tried the pickup on my 1985 Engelhardt EM-1 string bass and it sounded pretty decent but the strings were dead, so I purchased some Corelli 370’s which I love. Unfortunately, I still got a really "boomy" sound from my electric bass amp. I read a lot about the Acoustic Image amps but wasn’t sure that the amplifier would make that big of a difference. After much deliberation, I found and purchased a used Coda II and immediately loved it. I still felt like I needed a bit more, so I took the plunge and bought the Acoustic Image Ten2 X extension cabinet. I cannot say enough good things about this new setup. The direct out is great for larger shows and the amp along with extension cabinet seldom needs to be set above '3' to sound great in any room. The electric bass sounds amazing as well. The fact that the amp and cabinet are super compact and weigh 23 and 27 pounds respectively, is icing on the cake. Lastly, to complete my setup, I bought leather bumpers for both of my basses and a Golihur branded Bass bag for the Engelhardt. I love the bag. The quality is great and as advertised, it goes on and off the bass easily. This is a really longwinded way of saying, THANKS. Thanks to Golihur, I have been able to go from feeling like I had to play electric all the time and could never get a good amplified string bass sound, to having a GREAT, consistently dependable, amplified string bass sound. I now am able to play my string bass for all but the most obviously electric tunes. If players ask, "will the Acoustic Image amp make that big of a difference over their electric bass amp?" I can unreservedly say, "Yes, there is a huge difference." I have a great sound and wanted to share my experience in case it can help any other players whom you may advise.
Michael R. (December 2018)